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Affirming Our Commitment to Diversity During Difficult Times

June 3, 2020

Dear Employees and Residents,

Since the first Erickson Living-managed community opened almost 40 years ago, our mission has been the same: We share our gifts to create communities that celebrate life. "Sharing our gifts" means bringing our unique backgrounds, experiences, cultures, passions, and talents forward to enrich the lives of others. We don't just encourage this, we celebrate it!

It is our differences—our diversity—that makes our communities such vibrant places to live and work. And by choosing to be inclusive, we are creating a true sense of belonging among our residents and employees. Every day, we strive to learn and grow together!

Because we understand that diversity and inclusion is a gift, we are deeply grieved by the murders of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery and the subsequent unrest occurring across our country. No person should ever be harmed, threatened, or afraid because of the color of their skin, how they choose to worship, or whom they love. These injustices tear communities apart and erode the very fabric of our nation. They cannot be tolerated and they cannot be ignored.

As a company, we are more resolved than ever to protect and support our employees and residents. We will do whatever we can to ensure you continue to live and work in a safe and inclusive environment, and we encourage you to engage in constructive dialog and actions to affect positive change. If we continue to band together, we can keep the spirit of diversity and inclusion alive within our family of communities and be a beacon of hope that peace, harmony, and progress will prevail.


R. Alan Butler Signature

R. Alan Butler

Chief Executive Officer