'Why We Chose a Vibrant Retirement at Highland Springs'

By Susan Ingram
April 11, 2024
Residents at Highland Springs in Dallas, Texas find value and social connections at the Erickson Senior Living community.

There are many reasons why thousands of retirees have said 'yes' to a vibrant, worry-free lifestyle at Highland Springs, the Erickson Senior Living community in North Dallas, Tex.

For some, it is the stunning 89-acre campus. Others love the variety of made-to-order meals served at on-site restaurants. And who doesn't want a stylish, maintenance-free apartment home suited to entertaining friends and pursuing hobbies? Residents Dick and Julia Williams are enjoying all of the above--and peace of mind.

"We have a renewed sense of security living at Highland Springs," says Dick. "Having everything on campus, including multiple levels of health care, made the community stand out."

Recently, the Tribune sat down with Dick to learn more about what motivated them to make the move and how their lives have changed for the better.

Tribune: What led you to Highland Springs?
Dick: We loved our old house, but the maintenance and upkeep was becoming a lot to handle. Then, when Julia and I started experiencing some health issues, we knew that it was time to make a change. Our house was no longer meeting our needs, and we didn't want our kids to have to get involved. So, we started researching retirement communities in the area.

Highland Springs seemed quite nice, so we joined the Priority List to learn more about the community's amenities and services. We wanted to do our research and be as informed as possible. We were very pleased to hear that all apartment homes were maintenance-free, and that the continuing care neighborhood offered all the resources we could ever need.

Tribune: Did your move go smoothly?
Dick: Yes! Our move to Highland Springs was one of the easiest I can remember, and I've moved around a lot. My family moved to New Orleans, La., from Baltimore, Md., when I was eight. Another move landed us in Dallas, Tex., which is where I met Julia.

Downsizing and finding new homes for nostalgic items took time, but it was a meaningful experience for us and our five kids. Once we knew what we were bringing with us, staff members stepped in to help us facilitate the actual move. Everyone was always eager to help! We found them to be more like good friends than staff members.

Tribune: What's life like as a resident at Highland Springs?
Dick: I like highlighting how vibrant community life is here. I've met so many nice people--more than I can recall meeting in the last 50 years of my life! Everyone feels like a lifelong friend, even if you just met them a week ago. The people here, residents and staff members included, are one of the best things about Highland Springs.

Tribune: How do you get involved on campus?
Dick: After we moved in, I began working at Highland Springs' in-house TV station to learn how to shoot and edit video. I also serve on numerous committees for the Resident Advisory Council (RAC) and write for VOICES, the community's monthly magazine. In addition to the RAC committees she serves on, Julia has chaired book and memory writing clubs and served on our interfaith council. Together, we're Highland Springs Ambassadors, introducing retirees to the community and everything it has to offer.

Tribune: Are you glad you decided to move to Highland Springs?
Dick: We are beyond happy. Having quality care on campus--if or when we need it--has given us so much peace of mind, and the maintenance-free aspect of living here has opened up plenty of opportunities.

We have the ability to lock our door and travel without worrying about whether our basement is going to flood. And, with more free time, we've been able to compile several self-published books about our travels--especially to Italy--for our grandkids and friends to read.

The activities, clubs, and tight-knit community at Highland Springs really make a difference in residents' lives. We started a brand-new life when we moved here, and we've never looked back. I always assure new residents, "You've made one of the best decisions in your entire life," because it is.

Invest in your future self at Highland Springs. From top-notch amenities to affordable, maintenance-free apartment homes, you are sure to live your retirement to the fullest. Request more information today!