Top-quality Medical Care Is Steps Away for Residents at Highland Springs

By Sara Martin
July 29, 2021

The doctors at Highland Springs, the community managed by Erickson Senior Living in North Dallas, Tex., have done it again. Dr. Mary Norman and Dr. Jill Studley were recognized by D Magazine as top doctors in 2021 for Dallas and Collin County. 

“What a great recognition for our talented doctors,” says Executive Director Matt Neville. “Dr. Norman and Dr. Studley are not only outstanding physicians, they also bring warmth and caring to every interaction. They represent the dedication of our entire medical team to deliver high-quality, patient-centered care.” 

This marks the 13th consecutive year Dr. Norman has been named a top doctor in Dallas, and the fourth time she has been recognized in Collin County. Dr. Studley has been named a top doctor in Dallas for 11 years and recognized in Collin County for eight years. 

“No one better” 

The honor comes as no surprise to Oscar Burchard, who’s lived at Highland Springs since the community opened in 2006. 

“Dr. Norman has been my doctor since she came to Highland Springs in 2007,” says Oscar. “She is the most outstanding doctor I have met in my life. As a doctor and as a person, there’s no one better.” 

Oscar says an early interaction with Dr. Norman convinced him he was in good hands. 

“I had surgery many years ago and returned to my apartment at Highland Springs from rehab two or three days before Christmas,” says Oscar. “My wife and I had plans to travel to Waco for a family gathering. When Dr. Norman learned of our plans, she wasn’t in favor of me traveling so soon after surgery. She felt a little better when she found out three family members are registered nurses. We went to Waco, and on Christmas morning I got a call from Dr. Norman, who wanted to check and see how I was doing. That level of caring sold me on Dr. Norman forever.” 

From a physician’s point of view, Dr. Norman says it’s the ability to be the “town doctor” that drew her to Highland Springs. 

“Particularly during this past year, the ability to care for people where they are and how they want to be cared for has never been more important,” says Dr. Norman. 

Highland Springs’ integrated approach to health care unites a team of trained professionals. The community’s onsite medical center is staffed with full-time, board-certified physicians who practice at Highland Springs. 

Additional team members, including 24-hour security trained in emergency response, therapists, social workers, and home support staff, partner to ensure the very best health outcomes and the highest quality of life. 

“Our comprehensive team of social workers, therapists, and the security first responders comprise an unparalleled way to care for people,” says Dr. Norman. “No one has the ability to have someone come to your apartment home and assess you and reach a physician within minutes or have a physician at your bedside within minutes.”

Onsite medical presence

Oscar says the onsite medical center and continuing care neighborhood were primary considerations in his decision to move to Highland Springs. 

“Other retirement communities I visited had a doctor who came when called or a nurse who came once a week, but having the medical center onsite and full-time doctors at Highland Springs were among the most important factors in my decision to move to the community,” says Oscar. 

These days, the team at Highland Springs is looking to the future. 

“We are focusing on our annual wellness visits, resiliency, and setting goals as we enter post-pandemic times,” says Dr. Norman. 

Resiliency study 

Erickson Senior Living and a team of researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School are partnering to provide independent living residents with practical strategies for managing stress and enhancing their health and well-being. 

At Highland Springs, Dr. Norman and Social Worker Dr. Patti Dickson are each leading a cohort of 10 resident volunteers through the three month Resilience Program Research Study. “We’re excited to learn more about resiliency and flourishing, and the steps we can take to embrace wellness and increase quality of life,” says Dr. Norman.

If you’d like to learn more about the amenities and services at Highland Springs, click to order a free brochure or call 1-800-974-1883.