Highland Springs Residents Double as Santa's Elves for Hobby Crafters Foundation

October 22, 2012

DALLAS, TX---Santa's North Pole-based toy factory operation has an auxiliary workshop in North Dallas.
Three resident groups of Highland Springs, the Erickson Living retirement community, spearheaded a project with the Hobby Crafters Foundation.  They built and decorated cradles and created handmade dolls---fifty in all--to be distributed to disadvantaged children in the Dallas-area during Christmas. 
The Hobby Crafter Foundation is a charitable organization that has been making and providing toys via missions and churches in Dallas since 1944. 
Since their first visit in 2010 with the Highland Springs Woodchucks, a group of craftsmen, the partnership has thrived.
"They showed us a sample cradle, and our team has taken it from there for three years," stated Sam Davidson, a resident of Highland Springs.  "This project is truly a sharing of talents, from the woodworkers to the sewers to the decorators, along with the financial support of our community management.  In all, about forty residents participated in a true labor of love."
Barbara Coady agrees.  She handled the artwork design on the cradles.  "The main motivation is thinking about the little girl who will receive the cradle and doll as a Christmas gift.  We really enjoy the opportunity, especially knowing it all stays in Dallas," described Ms. Coady.
The work of the residents began in March.  The project involved making and painting the cradles, sewing and stuffing the dolls, sewing the blankets and assembling the collection.
Special thanks were extended to Anna Holt, who organized residents in the cutting, sewing and assembly of the dolls, blankets and mattresses.  Additionally, Mr. Davidson, Walter Zulch, and Charles Alspach managed the assembly, finishing and basic painting of the cradles respectively.
Mr. Davidson sees the project expanding in the future.  "We're aiming high, hoping to make one hundred cradles and dolls next year."

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