Hurricane Preparedness Brings Safety and Comfort

By Linda Esterson
June 19, 2024
Emerson Lakes Wilmington

Florida hurricanes can generate heavy downpours and strong winds, some even exceeding 100 mph. But at Emerson Lakes, a brand-new Erickson Senior Living community planned for Lakewood Ranch, Fla., residents will hardly realize a storm is underway. 

Following the blueprint of other Erickson Senior Living communities like Siena Lakes in Naples, Fla., and Eagle's Trace in West Houston, Tex., Emerson Lakes will boast hurricane-grade construction and rock-solid safety protocols. 

"Emerson Lakes isn't in any evacuation or flood zones, but durability is a top priority for our developers. As a result, they're going above and beyond construction requirements," says Sales Director Adam Zubowsky. "We want residents and their family members to have peace of mind, no matter what hurricane or tropical storm heads our way!"

Built to last

Instead of using lumber and wood framing, Emerson Lakes construction managers are replacing those materials with concrete to withstand substantial weather, like a potential Category 5 hurricane. 

Hurricanes rated a Category 5--the highest ranking possible--can cause catastrophic damage and bring on winds over 150 mph. As a result, metal roofs and hurricane-grade windows, rated to withstand extremely high winds, will be installed in all residence buildings and clubhouses.

All residence buildings and clubhouses will also be equipped with back-up generators, so medical devices and elevators will always run. These generators will be connected to on-campus restaurants as well, allowing dining staff members to continue preparing and serving delicious, made-to-order meals. 

'We felt so safe'

Siena Lakes, built using the same measures, experienced few interruptions when Hurricane Ian hit in 2022. In fact, most residents went about their daily routines as normal. 

"Siena Lakes is so well-built. We are very thankful that we were here," says resident Marilyn Edge. "We feel like we live in a fortress!"

Like Marilyn, residents Bob and Marilyn Dietz appreciate the hurricane defenses that are in place at the community. When they first visited Siena Lakes, Bob, who has a background in engineering, thought, "This is a really well-built building." 

Hurricane Ian validated Bob's statement. 

"The hurricane was hitting us with such force, but we could hardly hear a thing. It was so silent! We felt so safe," he says. 

A hurricane spent in their previous house was a different story. "We lost our roof and a couple of big trees. We were out of power for three weeks," recalls Bob. "This one was a piece of cake. And our kids realized that they didn't need to be concerned about us because we were here."

Prepared for anything

As a trusted and respected leader in senior living, Erickson Senior Living is committed to delivering the highest quality resident experience possible--no matter the weather. 

When the community administration learns that a storm is approaching, staff members spring into action following the established protocols, ensuring that residents have everything they need. Scrambling to secure windows and doors will be a thing of the past for residents, who also won't need to run to a big box store at the last minute to stock up on water bottles and extra food.

Although emergency responders remain on-site at communities 24/7, many staff members stay behind during the duration of storms to support residents as needed. 

"For many people, making the move to an Erickson Senior Living community is all about security--not just during hurricane season, but in everyday life," says Zubowsky. "Our staff members are dedicated to supporting residents on a day-to-day basis."

Another reason why residents are able to maintain their active lifestyles during storm season is the climate-controlled walkways. No matter where residents want to go on campus, they can get there easily without braving the Florida rain. 

Peace of mind

In Florida, there's growing volatility surrounding homeowner's insurance related to storm coverage. Providers come and go, and homeowners often find themselves without insurance, even after having active coverage for years. 

"If you move to Emerson Lakes, you won't have to worry about finding coverage. All buildings and equipment are already insured," says Zubowsky. "We make it as worry-free as possible! Storm or no storm, life is easy and carefree at Emerson Lakes."

To learn more about independent senior living at Emerson Lakes, request your free brochure to get the scoop on amenities, floor plans, and so much more.