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Oak Crest’s financial structure protects your retirement nest egg

Danielle Rexrode
February 11, 2021

In the 2007 Disney-animated film Ratatouille, Remy, an animal who dreams of becoming a great chef opines, “The only thing predictable about life is its unpredictability.” 

It's a simple, yet prophetic statement that perfectly described the year 2020. Whether coronavirus, the economy, or politics, the only thing we could be sure of was that we weren't sure of anything. But if you were one of the 2,000-plus people living at Oak Crest, there were a few things you could count on: predictable monthly expenses and peace of mind.

Oak Crest is managed by Erickson Senior Living, a nationwide network of continuing care retirement communities with 20 communities in 11 states. Erickson Senior Living-managed communities have strong financial structures to help residents safeguard their future and manage day-to-day expenses. The Parkville community operates on a solid financial structure, which includes a predictable monthly service package that allows residents of Oak Crest to balance their budgets with confidence and a 90% refundable entrance fee that provides financial security to residents and their beneficiaries. The Residence and Care Agreement has complete details.

Affordable and worry-free senior independent living

The comprehensive monthly service package replaces the dozens of expenses most people incur in their house every month, including: all utilities, heating and air-conditioning, a meal plan at the eight on-site restaurants, home maintenance and repairs, a fitness center and pool, regularly scheduled transportation, 24-hour security and emergency response, professional landscaping, property taxes, Wi-Fi, phone, and cable TV. 

“In addition to being affordable, there's a worry-free aspect to choosing Oak Crest because your apartment is maintenance free,” says Colleen Smith, director of finance at Oak Crest. “If something breaks, we are going to take care of it for you. Knowing that you won't have any unexpected repairs makes it easy to budget for the year and financially plan for the future.” 

As a retired financial analyst/accountant, Oak Crest's financial structure was something that appealed to John Hart, who moved to the community in 2018 with his wife Susan. 

“My mother lived at Charlestown for eight years, and Sue's mom lived at Oak Crest for eleven, so we were very familiar with Erickson Senior Living communities before we moved to one,” says John, who now volunteers on the Oak Crest Resident's Advisory Council's Finance Committee. “I worked as a cost analyst for 30 years, and I have a degree in accounting, so before we joined the priority list, I came over and talked with someone in the sales department about finances. It turns out that when you compare what you get for your money at Oak Crest versus other retirement communities, Oak Crest definitely wins. We chose the Kingston-style apartment. It's a two-bedroom, two-bath with almost 1,200 square feet and a recessed balcony. It's very, very nice and large,” says John. 

More retirement amenities for your money

Not only do Oak Crest residents like John and Sue plan their budgets with confidence each month, but they also have access to a wide variety of amenities you likely won't find in your home. An all-season swimming pool, fitness center, putting green, bocce courts, nearly 200 different clubs, classes, and volunteer opportunities, as well as access to conveniences such as a bank, hair salon, store, on-site medical center, and computer lab, are all just a few indoor steps away. 

“I play water volleyball and do quite a bit of walking,” says John. “And both Sue and I are card players (pinochle). We play corn-hole, we use the fitness center, and we are both resident ambassadors.” 

The community's on-site continuing care neighborhood also offers peace of mind should you ever need additional levels of care, such as assisted care, memory care, post-acute rehabilitation, or nursing care services. And Oak Crest's Resident Care Fund assists Oak Crest residents who experience unforeseen financial hardship by providing needed financial assistance ensuring they have a home for life. 

“Our mission is to make sure Oak Crest stays affordable for the average middle-class person. We have looked at our competition and what we offer for our price point compared to similar communities,” says Smith. “We definitely have a much better value for what you pay when you factor in the incredible amenities and lifestyle offered at Oak Crest. It's a smart investment.”

Enjoy a lively retirement community that won't break the bank

Make the most of your retirement... You've earned it! Request more information or schedule a tour at Oak Crest if you are ready to enjoy a worry and maintenance-free lifestyle with a vibrant community of residents.