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Oak Crest Dedicates Mezuzah at Community Chapel

November 17, 2020

Parkville, Maryland—Resident members of multiple faiths at Oak Crest gathered together to dedicate and hang a mezuzah at the Chapel of the Erickson Living retirement community.  Executive leadership and employees also attended the event, sponsored by the Pastoral Ministries Office.
The Hebrew word mezuzah means "doorpost."  According to tradition, the mezuzah is to be affixed to the doorpost at the entrance to a Jewish home or synagogue, as well as at the entrance to each of the interior rooms except for bathrooms.  The mezuzah itself consists of a small scroll of parchment on which are written two biblical passages from the Book of Deuteronomy.  The scroll is inserted into a wooden, plastic, or metal casing that is often quite beautiful and artistic in design. 

Dr. Nancy Ginsberg, Pastoral Ministries Manager at Oak Crest, presided over the ceremony.  "Seeing residents and employees of all faiths—Jewish, Catholic and Protestant--participate in the dedication of the mezuzah was inspiring and a reminder of the sense of unity and common purpose we enjoy at this community.  It is our hope that all who see, touch, and witness this reminder of God's love will rededicate themselves to service to humanity," stated Dr. Ginsberg.
This particular mezuzah is special, graciously donated to the Pastoral Ministries Office by resident Louise Kaufman who received it from Dr. Jean Rosenberg.  A resident of Oak Crest for many years, Dr. Rosenberg was a professor of philosophy at the Notre Dame of Maryland University in Baltimore. 

"Dr. Rosenberg was a brilliant and caring teacher.  Ironically, she was a devout Catholic but collected various objects of Judaica during world travel throughout her life," noted Dr. Ginsberg.  "The mezuzah that now hangs at our Chapel is also a lovely blessing to Jean's memory."

The Pastoral Ministries Office serves residents of all faiths by facilitating worship services, offering counseling and coordinating activities that foster spiritual growth. 

About Oak Crest: Oak Crest, one of 20 continuing care retirement communities developed and managed by Erickson Living®, is situated on a scenic 87-acre campus in Parkville, Maryland.  The not-for-profit community of more than 2,100 residents and 1,250 employees is governed by its own board of directors, affiliated with National Senior Campuses, Inc., who provide independent financial and operational oversight of Oak Crest.  Additional information can be found at