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Moving to Oak Crest Provides Financial Security and Peace of Mind

By Danielle Rexrode
June 17, 2024
Moving to Oak Crest Provides Financial Security and Peace of Mind

"A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the 'what-ifs' of life," financial advisor Suze Orman writes. 

It's often easier said than done, especially when--like many retirees--you own your house and are on a fixed income. Ever-changing economic conditions can also influence how some people view their retirement years. 

Gaining that financial freedom is just one reason why so many retirees have chosen to move to Oak Crest, an Erickson Senior Living community in Parkville, Md. 

Residents no longer worry about economic fluctuations and unexpected, expensive house repairs. Instead, they enjoy peace of mind with financial stability and predictable monthly expenses.

All in one

Annette and Louis Maggitti have had just that experience since they made the move. 

When they were exploring their living options in 2022, they considered downsizing to a condo--before realizing that a move to Oak Crest made more financial sense and offered the vibrant lifestyle they were looking for. 

So, they decided to trade in their three-bedroom town house for a maintenance-free, two-bedroom, two-bath apartment home at Oak Crest. 

 "We researched quite a few retirement communities too," recalls Annette. "We found that Oak Crest was the best scenario for us for many reasons. The location was convenient to our kids, we liked the size of the community, and we were impressed with the many different restaurants for dining." 

She adds, "The 90% refundable entrance fee was a big factor as well, and the overall cost was more reasonable than the other communities we looked at."

Great value, greater control

Oak Crest's pricing structure is made up of two attractive components: a 90% refundable entrance fee* and a monthly service package. 

The 90% refundable entrance fee, which secures your desired apartment home, is returned to you or your beneficiaries, if or when you leave the community. 

The predictable monthly service package bundles costs like electricity, property taxes, water, and cable into one bill. It also includes appliance repair and replacement, regularly scheduled transportation, professional landscaping, and a meal plan at eight on-site restaurants. 

"Moving to Oak Crest was a smart financial decision for us," says Annette. "We did a lot of calculating--considering homeowners insurance, utilities, regular maintenance, and replacement costs for things like a new roof. We found Oak Crest to be a good deal." 

And because Oak Crest operates on a fee-for-service basis, residents only pay for higher levels of care if needed. 

Annette and Louis aren't the only people who've been impressed by Oak Crest's value, according to Sales Director Dan Plakatoris. 

"Living here is more affordable than many people realize," he says. "We have a wide range of apartment homes to suit every budget and style. When people visit the campus, they're often surprised to learn how much they can get for their money."

Worry-free living

Every apartment home is maintenance-free, eliminating the hassles of homeownership and granting residents the freedom to live life to the fullest, whether making new friends, pursuing hobbies and interests, volunteering, or learning something new. 

"I love our apartment home!" says Annette. "It feels like home to me, and that was important. We have our second bedroom set up as a den with a TV. We also have a Murphy bed so our grandkids can spend the night if they want to." 

Annette and Louis are enjoying all the amenities that are just steps away from their front door.   

"My husband could not be happier. He plays pickleball and pinochle and loves the pool and the hot tub," says Annette. "We both play bocce and tennis and use the fitness center. I also play shuffleboard and Mexican dominos, and I am in a writing group and book club."

Home sweet home

Looking back on their time at Oak Crest, the Maggittis couldn't imagine calling any other community home. 

"I think it's important to get involved in things," she says. "It's very easy to meet people here. In fact, when we moved in, people invited us to dinner right away! Now, when someone else moves in, we do the same for them. It's hard to find that elsewhere." 

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*Carefully read the Residence and Care Agreement for the conditions that must be satisfied before the Provider is required to pay the Entrance Fee Refund.