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Enjoying the Freedom of a Move to Oak Crest

By Danielle Rexrode
June 21, 2021

Neal and Carolyn Frederick’s former house is only three miles from their new home at Oak Crest, a community in Parkville, Md., managed by Erickson Senior Living, but their lifestyle is worlds apart. Without the hassles of home ownership, they can now focus on making the most of their retirement. 

“The house was getting older and so are we,” recalls Neal. “We lived there for 14 years and eventually things started breaking. Upkeep of the house was one of the factors that led me to want to move. Families with young kids were also moving into the neighborhood and the older folks moved out. We started looking for a long-term solution.” 

Close to home

They didn’t have to look far. Freedom from the headaches of their former home was just a few miles down the road at Oak Crest. 

“We liked the fact that the apartments are all one level with no steps,” says Neal. “We also liked the activities that were available and we wanted to meet new people. We thought this would be the place to do that because it’s larger than most communities.” 

Now Neal and Carolyn are taking an art class twice a week; Neal joined a bocce ball team for the first time and hopes to start gardening, and Carolyn is interested in playing pinochle and doing volunteer work. 

Freedom from worry 

Claudia and Bill Troy moved to Oak Crest from Harford County in 2017. Home maintenance and peace of mind were major factors in their decision to move. 

“We didn’t want one of us to be left alone in the house,” says Claudia. “Another factor was the maintenance. We had just under an acre of land and it was a lot to take care of.” 

“Here when you have a problem in your apartment you just call General Services and they come out,” Neal agrees. “We recently had two televisions we needed hung on the wall and so we called General Services and they came up and took care of everything. They even have their own IT department if you have technical issues with your computer or electronics.” 

At Oak Crest, all maintenance—from mowing the lawn to changing the light bulbs—is handled by the professional staff. “I’ve heard people say they want to stay in their homes so they can remain independent. But in reality, your house robs you of your ability to enjoy your independence,” says Oak Crest Sales Counselor Kelly Friend. 

Freedom from upkeep

“I encourage you to really consider how much time and effort you spend on routine maintenance and upkeep around your house mowing the lawn, raking leaves, landscaping, shoveling snow, or worrying about leaves clogging up your rain gutters. I think you’ll be surprised,” notes Friend. “At Oak Crest, all of those things and much more are taken care of for you. Instead of doing the things you have to do, you have time to do the things you want to do.” 

Friend continues, “Oak Crest’s maintenance-free lifestyle gives you time to pamper yourself in one of our three salons getting your hair styled or relaxing with a manicure and pedicure. Enjoy a few hours in the pool; read a book by the lake; gather with friends around the outdoor fire pit; learn to play chess, bridge, Mah-jongg, or pickleball; or take a tai chi class. We have more than 200 activities and groups on campus. The options are endless!” 

Easy access

All of the apartment homes at Oak Crest are within walking distance of a clubhouse where residents can do their banking or shopping; get a haircut; take a college class; meet friends for a drink or a bite to eat in one of eight restaurants; exercise at the fitness center; or grab a book from the library. 

“We volunteer as ushers at concerts here on campus and are sales ambassadors. We really enjoy it,” says Claudia. 

“We also have a personal garden where we plant flowers and can cut them and bring them into the apartment. For someone who enjoys the outdoors or gardening it’s great to have the option to do that here,” says Bill. “We looked at a couple of other places and didn’t think they had as many offerings. Plus, Oak Crest is much more affordable for what you get for your money.” 

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