Lantern Hill’s Dante Taylor Celebrates 25 Years at Erickson Senior Living

March 29, 2018

Taylor is an everyday hero helping people live better lives

Dante Taylor began his hospitality and food service career in 1995. Nearly 25 years later, he's with the same company, Erickson Living—a company that he says has qualities and values that make it a great place to work and one he aspires to serve for years to come.

"I try my best, and I try to live the Erickson Living values," says Taylor, now general manager of dining services and dietary manager at Lantern Hill, the Erickson Living community in New Providence, New Jersey.

According to the company's Unique Corporate Culture statement, "Erickson Living is a business of personal relationships. How we treat our colleagues, our residents, our prospective residents, and the greater community is crucial to our success. For that reason, we value teamwork and open communication."

The statement goes on to list values such as respect and caring, diversity, integrity, responsibility, excellence, teamwork, and friendliness and enthusiasm. 

It's that friendliness and enthusiasm that attracted Taylor to the company when he came upon it by mistake back in 1995—he and his grandmother were driving to another retirement community and happened upon Oak Crest, Erickson Living's community in Parkville, Maryland.

"When I walked in, the front desk attendant, Laurie Bender (who still works for Erickson as sales counselor at Oak Crest) was very nice, attentive, and approachable, and she showed me what Erickson Living is all about. I was attracted to those qualities," Taylor says.

That same friendliness and enthusiasm have kept him with the company all this time.

"I appreciate being able to go out of your way for anyone, not just our primary customer, but anyone you come in contact with whether it's a vendor or a guest. That was a rule of thumb when I started, and it still is now," Taylor says. "That means a lot when you work for someone who cares and will go out of their way for you. It makes you want to go out of your way for others."

"Dante exemplifies the Erickson Living values. He's a team player, a positive influence on everyone he meets, and a perfect example of how Erickson Living helps our employees grow professionally and personally," says Executive Director Patricia Swan-Jacobs. 

Like many long-time Erickson Living employees, Taylor has been able to move up the ladder as well as around the country. He has held positions at four Erickson Living communities, each providing him opportunities for growth and development.

"Lantern Hill is a growing company that helps its employees grow, too," says Swan-Jacobs. "Our excellent benefits package, which includes a tuition reimbursement program, wellness services for employees, use of campus fitness center, and several employee discounts help us attract and retain everyday heroes like Dante who has developed and succeeded along his career path with Lantern Hill."

Of those opportunities, Taylor says the relationships have helped him succeed most, personally and professionally.

"Getting involved with residents, staff, student staff, and touching lives have given me the skills to be able to move up and be successful.

What's ahead for Taylor?

"I aspire to get better at managing here at Lantern Hill and to be more involved with diversity inclusion at Erickson Living," he says.

Lantern Hill employs more than 225 full and part-time employees. Employee benefits include tuition reimbursement, 401K, paid time off, comprehensive medical benefits, employee health and wellness benefits, employee discount programs and much more. 

Dante Taylor is the type of everyday hero Lantern Hill is recruiting. When people join Lantern Hill's team of everyday heroes, they gain more than a great job in a booming industry—they gain unparalleled access to an array of rich experiences, knowledge, and opportunities that will prove invaluable to their personal and professional growth. What's also rewarding for them is that they get to change lives for the better.  For more information about Erickson Living careers, visit

About Lantern Hill: Lantern Hill, one of 19 continuing care retirement communities managed by Erickson Living®, is situated on a scenic 20-acre campus in New Providence, New Jersey. The community is located in Union County and is home to 250 residents. Additional information about Lantern Hill can be found at

Written by Julia Collins