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Resident and Community Stories

What's Happening at Lantern Hill?

Browse moving stories from our residents and staff, our top trending articles for community news and updates, and interviews with the people who know Lantern Hill best--the people who live here!

Welcome to Erickson Senior Living

As part of its long-term growth and business strategy in serving seniors, Erickson Living, the manager of Lantern Hill, unveiled its plan to evolve its brand identity and change the company's name to Erickson Senior Living.

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Lantern Hill Residents Thrive One Year After Pandemic

Now, a year after the pandemic took hold, life is changing again, for the better. Residents are looing forward to brighter days ahead.

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Lantern Hill Vaccinates 97% of Residents against COVID-19

Residents have expressed gratitude for the opportunity to receive the COVID-19 vaccination conveniently on campus.

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