Lantern Hill is a Smart Financial Choice in Senior Living

Gregory J. Alexander
June 14, 2024
Lantern Hill resident

After living in her Millington, N.J. townhouse for 10 years, Sandra Arace realized she needed a change. Drawn to the newly constructed apartment homes at Lantern Hill, an Erickson Senior Living community in New Providence, N.J., Sandra hoped to make a smart financial decision while providing her two daughters, Elizabeth and Catherine, the peace of mind that she is safe and secure.

"Moving to Lantern Hill made sense financially, as I am now set for my future with no unexpected expenses," she says. 

"My father lived to 96 and both my mother and mother-in-law lived to over 100. I helped care for them and did not want my daughters to face that same responsibility. I also know that if I ever need additional care, I will never have to leave Lantern Hill. My move is a gift to my kids, making their lives easier," she explains.

Sandra was impressed from her very first visit to Lantern Hill. "When I walked in the front door, I thought, what a beautiful place," she says. "The front lobby looks like a fancy hotel." 

Great amenities

During her visit, Sandra met with Senior Sales Associate Carlos Aguilera. "I was immediately sold," she says. "I loved all the amenities, and found The Candlewood--a beautiful, one-bedroom apartment home with a den."

With the decision to move to Lantern Hill made, Sandra worked with Lantern Hill to facilitate a stress-free move. 

"The team recommended a wonderful real estate agent who sold my townhouse quickly," she says. "I also worked with a senior move manager who visited me in my house to help me decide what furniture would fit in my new apartment home. They even suggested donation centers for my unwanted items and recommended a reputable moving company." 

'One check each month'

Since moving to Lantern Hill in 2017, Sandra now enjoys the many financial benefits of the monthly service package that includes everything from cable TV to telephone, utilities, Wi-Fi, property taxes, apartment maintenance, meals, 24-hour security and emergency response, and all activities.

"Residents tell us that the monthly service package allows them to easily budget for the entire year," says Sales Director Kate Tanis. 

"There are no emergency expenses and no costly home repairs. Even in a townhome or a condo association, if the building needs a new roof, then you're going to get an assessment. Also, in New Jersey, we have one of the highest tax rates in the entire country. There are people paying $30,000 a year in taxes. At Lantern Hill, our residents pay one all-inclusive price for an amazing lifestyle."

Sandra agrees. "I like that I write one check each month at Lantern Hill," she says. "And, if I need something fixed, I pick up the phone, call General Services, and it's done. I feel safe living here, knowing that everything is taken care of. I no longer have to call 20 plumbers and haggle on the repair price."

Lantern Hill also offers fantastic amenities like on-site restaurants and a modern fitness center.

"Our restaurants offer residents delicious, made-to-order dishes and wonderful variety," says Tanis.

"If you go down the street in New Providence, you may pay $28 for a bowl of pasta, so dining here is also a better value. And when you move to Lantern Hill, you can cancel your gym membership. We offer group fitness classes including, Zumba, stretch and tone, yoga, and a great aquatic center, all of which is included."

Access to health care

By choosing a CCRC, Lantern Hill residents pay for only the services that they need, unlike in a life-plan model. 

"Most of our residents will never need higher levels of health care, although they appreciate having it available right on campus" says Tanis. "Here you're not prepaying for the care you may never use, so you can invest that money to make it work for you."

Friends right outside your door

"There are more exercise classes than I could possibly do," says Sandra. "You can also walk the enclosed hallways and, when it snows, you don't have to worry about driving."

Sandra also enjoys socializing with neighbors. She helped start the "First Floor Girls," a group of women living on the first floor of the Maple Glen residence building. The women regularly get together for meals and happy hours. 

"I've made many new friends," Sandra says. "If you want to relax in your apartment home, you can, but if you want to hang out with other residents, all you have to do is open the front door."

Sandra is happy she made the move. "The staff here is so nice, and there is always someone to help if needed. And my daughters are happy, seeing how happy and busy I am."

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