Lantern Hill Offers Excellent Health Care on Campus

Written by Dorrie Anshel
October 20, 2020

Residents have easy access to the very best health and wellness services

Lantern Hill, the Erickson Living-managed senior living community in New Providence, New Jersey, is named for its illustrious railroading past, but its eye is on the future. Known for its vibrant, maintenance-free lifestyle, state-of-the-art amenities, clubs and activities, Lantern Hill also offers the best in senior health care right on campus. The access and convenience of having exceptional care just steps from your door is an important consideration as you think about your next home in retirement.

The Erickson Health Management Group (EHMG) is a fully integrated health and wellness system that provides a range of medical services to residents at Lantern Hill's on-site medical center. Residents not only have doctors experienced in the nuances of senior health, they benefit from daily engagement with fitness instructors, chefs, medical specialists, and other experts working to help them live a healthy lifestyle.

This integrated, team-based approach also features the latest tools and technologies, like a proprietary patient portal with convenient access to electronic medical records, and telehealth options. The combination of expertise and access enables Lantern Hill to provide the highest quality, personalized care to residents.

"Residents and their families find great value and peace of mind knowing that our full-time doctors, who are among the best in the retirement health care industry, are on site and available whenever needed," notes Erickson Living's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Matt Narrett. "Our integrated approach is unmatched in the senior living industry."

Patient-centered Care

"Having close relationships with our patients is paramount," says Lantern Hill's Medical Director, Dr. Sushmita Srivastav, a Board-certified physician who has specialized in geriatrics for most of her career. "We give our patients the time they need to ask questions and to feel comfortable with our recommendations. Understanding their issues enables us to manage chronic conditions and medications effectively. We want to keep them healthy and out of the hospital to avoid the complications that often come with an admission."

Time spent with patients far exceeds national averages: Initial visits last 60 minutes, and follow-ups last 30 minutes. When residents can't come to the medical center, the staff provides in-home visits, televisits, and phone consultations. After hours, 100 percent of calls are answered within 10 minutes. All Security personnel, who are on campus 24/7, are trained EMTs, so medical emergencies can be handled quickly. 

"It's amazing to be able to practice like this, to have so much time with patients," notes Dr. Srivastav. "As the central point of contact, we consult with their specialists so we see the big picture and can successfully coordinate every aspect of their care."

Because of those fast responses and longer, more comprehensive visits, 64 percent of Lantern Hill's residents use the medical center for primary care. "As you age in place, you need someone who knows all about you, not just what you share when you're in the office," explains Dr. Srivastav. "We're able to provide extra levels of care that address the cognitive, emotional, spiritual, and social aspects of their lives, too. Most general practices cannot offer what we can."

Resident Kultar Singh, a member of the community's Resident Advisory Council, agrees that the quality of health care at Lantern Hill is outstanding. "Quite a few residents, including my wife, use Dr. Srivastav for primary care, and are extremely happy. The entire staff is wonderful, their bedside manner is superb, and the continuity of care is exceptional."

That kind of personal attention extends to every department at Lantern Hill. The staff know the residents well; if they see something amiss, they alert the medical center immediately. "We reach out to those individuals immediately," says Dr. Srivastav. "We want to get ahead of any issues before they become serious. That's an advantage to living in a caring community like Lantern Hill: Everyone plays a role in keeping residents healthy."

Planning Ahead

This year, more than ever, it's important to get the annual flu vaccine. The medical team is being proactive, going door-to-door to offer residents a flu shot. "We were successful at keeping Covid-19 at bay, and we intend to do the same with the flu," explains Dr. Srivastav.

Given the quality and scope of care, the focus on seniors, and emphasis on wellness, it's no wonder that 85 percent of Erickson Living residents, across 20 campuses, use the Erickson Health Medical Group. The system is consistently rated among the highest quality when compared to other senior communities and stand-alone care, giving residents the access and peace of mind they need to live healthier lives.

To learn more about living an active and healthy lifestyle at Lantern Hill, request more information today.