A Fresh Focus on Well-Being at Lantern Hill

Gregory J. Alexander
February 7, 2024
Lantern Hill Fitness Center

Elizabeth Kurz, a resident at Lantern Hill, an Erickson Senior Living community in New Providence, N.J., is incredibly active, to say the least. 

Elizabeth attends a variety of fitness classes at Lantern Hill--Pilates, cardiovascular, and stretch three times a week, and toning and qigong twice a week. She also plays bocce, takes a line dancing class, and walks her dog daily around the 26-acre campus.

With industry-leading amenities and activities that are designed to enhance physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, Lantern Hill residents like Elizabeth find it easier than ever before to maintain their healthy routines!

Fitness and friends

Grateful for the range of activities just outside her apartment home door, Elizabeth notes that she has a personal incentive for pursuing a well-rounded exercise schedule.

"I have Parkinson's disease, so I work out regularly, as it helps mitigate some of the symptoms," she says. 

Rock Steady Boxing--an on-campus boxing class that focuses on balance, stiffness, and coordination to address the symptoms of Parkinson's--has had a significant impact on Elizabeth's life. The one-hour class combines 30 minutes of noncontact boxing with 30 minutes of general exercises. 

"When I visit my neurologist," she notes, "he tells me I'm 'holding back Mr. Parkinson' and credits my exercise routine as a good reason why. There is only so much I can do to fight Parkinson's, but exercising helps, and it's a great motivator for me."

She adds, "Plus, the classes I take are attended by the same people, so I have made a lot of new friends. Now, on Monday and Wednesday nights, a group of us get together for dinner."

Socialization matters

Ilyse Rogozenski, fitness manager at Lantern Hill, says that exercise classes are a great introduction to the community. For many residents, forming friendships with fellow fitness aficionados is just another perk of Lantern Hill's wellness options.

"It's more than just a good workout--it's a great opportunity to make new friends, which is great for their mental health," Rogozenski says. "I always tell residents to have fun and laugh during whatever activity they are doing."

Rogozenski cites the experience a new resident had recently. 

"She didn't know anyone at first," she recalls. "But, after taking a few mat Pilates classes, she made two new friends, and now they have coffee together after each class."

Something for everyone

"We're always looking to add classes to keep things fresh," Rogozenski says. "Recent additions include a toning class, Zumba Gold, and a class led by a former music conductor, where residents are given conducting batons to use while they work out to classical music and show tunes. It's immensely popular!"

In addition to exercise classes, the community's two on-site fitness centers feature cardio machines, strengthening equipment, free weights, and core training. 

"We also have the aquatics center with a pool and spa, and we offer Wellbeats, a virtual program that has over 700 programs that residents can access anywhere and anytime they want," Rogozenski says. 

A holistic approach

Good health isn't just about working out or playing sports, however. Lantern Hill also provides a range of resources to support residents' overall well-being. 

The on-site medical center is staffed with full-time physicians, nurses, and specialists who can address any health care need. The community also hosts informative seminars focused on nutrition. 

"We will identify healthy snacks and encourage residents to look beyond calorie count," Rogozenski explains. "For example, salmon may have 200 to 300 calories, but it's great 'brain food.' In the end, wellness is not about aesthetics--it's about how you feel." 

She adds that Lantern Hill also offers a five-week memory fitness class twice a year that was developed by UCLA. 

'A special place'

Elizabeth moved to Lantern Hill to be closer to her son and his family, who live about 20 minutes away, but she still visits her Jersey Shore beach house from time to time--especially on weekends. 

"I just have to get back here during the week so I don't miss my fitness classes," she says, with a laugh. "I've always belonged to a gym, but the quality of the instructors at Lantern Hill is unmatched."

She adds, "The first time I visited Lantern Hill, I noticed how active and friendly people were. It's a special place. It was very clear that Lantern Hill was the place for me; the decision was fairly easy!"

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