'Avery Point Is a Win-Win' For Lee and Ann Poates

Michele Wojciechowski
June 14, 2024
Avery Point residents

When Lee and Ann Poates were researching continuing care retirement communities, they wanted to ensure that they would get the best value for their hard-earned savings. 

Avery Point, the Erickson Senior Living community in Short Pump, Va., quickly rose to the top of their list--for multiple reasons. 

"After looking at plenty of communities, there was no question that Avery Point was the place for us," says Lee. "All the amenities, including a fitness center and multiple restaurants, were quite impressive."

He continues, "It's also a great financial investment. Believe it or not, we're saving money! We were spending more on electric, water, and yard care in our house than we are here. Avery Point is a win-win for us."

'Huge advantage'

Avery Point's pricing structure is made up of two attractive components: the choice of an 80% refundable entrance deposit* or a nonrefundable entrance deposit and the monthly service package. 

The 80% refundable entrance deposit, which is used to secure your desired apartment home, goes back to you or your beneficiaries, if or when you leave the community. 

"When we were researching communities, none of the others had an option like this. The 80% refundable entrance deposit was a huge advantage for us and our family," says Lee, the proud father of two grown daughters. 

He adds, "It's wonderful, knowing that our investment could go back to our daughters one day."

Predictable expenses

Lee and Ann were also drawn to the predictable monthly service package, which covers all utilities, appliance repair and replacement, access to industry-leading amenities, and more. 

Thanks to the monthly service package, the Poates' two-bedroom, two-bath apartment home is completely maintenance-free. With one quick call to General Services, the couple can get anything done--from inserting a new air filter to changing a light bulb.

"Before we moved to Avery Point, we would have to research and call repair people ourselves. Also, our lawn had become a huge problem," says Ann. "Now, it's all taken care of for us. It's really such a relief!"

"Contrary to what many of us think, it's not free to live in a house once the mortgage is paid off," explains Sales Director Kailey Viray. "Maintenance, repairs, and upkeep can often be costly and unpredictable, yet they're crucial in protecting the value of your property. Taxes and insurance also add up."

Although Lee and Ann appreciate not having to stress over maintenance and repairs, nothing beats having convenient access to restaurants that serve up delicious, made-to-order meals--included in their meal plan through the monthly service package. 

"My background was in dining, so I'm a restaurant person, and the food is excellent," says Lee. "They have the best she-crab soup I've ever eaten!" 

Ann, who loves that she no longer has to cook, adds, "Since all the buildings are connected, we don't have to go out in bad weather to have dinner."

More outside your door

Although the couple is new to campus, they are already making the most of the amenities and activities right outside their door. 

Ann takes two water aerobics classes and plans to join a book club. After dinner, she and her husband often enjoy a soak in the hot tub. They've also signed up to join the wine club.

"We also do line dancing. Well, we attempt to do line dancing," jokes Lee, who made a recent purchase to support his newfound interest. "I bought two pairs of jeans and cowboy boots. And if I get good enough, I'm going to buy the cowboy hat too!"

Lee joined the Woodworkers Guild as well, which suggested a fitting project--a boot jack, a U-shaped notch for pulling off boots.

Financial Director Luke McKinley notes that residents are able to see their investment pay off through amenities and activities just like these. 

"When you move into an apartment home at Avery Point, you gain access to a whole community full of amenities, activities, social connections, and services," says McKinley. "Plus, we take residents' feedback into account. As their wants and desires change, so do our offerings. You'll benefit from your investment for years to come." 

Peace of mind

Since settling into their apartment home, Lee and Ann have found it easier to manage their budget, live an active lifestyle, and find peace of mind. 

"Everything is right here," says Ann. "Our daughters are relieved because they don't have to worry about us anymore. It's been fantastic for all of us!"

Invest in your future self at Avery Point. From top-notch amenities to affordable, maintenance-free apartment homes, you are sure to live your retirement to the fullest. Request more information today!

*As per the Residence and Care Agreement.