Avery Point Residents Enjoy a Fresh Focus on Well-Being

Michele Wojciechowski
February 6, 2024
Avery Point Fitness

When Cindy and Madonna Byrkeland were looking to move to a continuing care retirement community, one aspect was a must-have--amenities that would enable them to stay active. Avery Point, the Erickson Senior Living community located in Short Pump, Va., gave them just that! 

"It's one of the main reasons why we wanted to move here," explains Cindy. 

About 25 years ago, the couple agreed to embrace an active, healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and eating better. Since then, Cindy has lost a total of 130 pounds and Madonna has lost 90. 

"Now, we can't imagine not living an active lifestyle," she says, with a laugh. "We also hoped that there would be other residents who were still active."

Once again, the Byrkelands were in luck. Like many of today's retirees, Avery Point residents are passionate about staying active and caring for their overall health. 

"We recognize how important well-being initiatives are to residents' quality of life," says Resident Services Manager Abby Fuller. "From awareness and education to programs, so much of our identity as a community is connected to well-being."

Something for everyone

Since the community opened in late 2022, Avery Point has already created more than 50 groups, clubs, and activities--including several fitness and exercise classes. 

"And the demand for engaging activities continues to grow," explains Fuller. "So many residents want to be involved that staff has had to add countless fitness classes as well as expand the spaces where they're held."

And believe it or not, Cindy has tried them all. 

"I decided that I was going to try every single fitness class to figure out which ones I like," she says. "But I didn't anticipate that I would like them all!"

In addition to using the fitness center, exercising in the pool, and meeting with a personal trainer once a month, Cindy has been taking classes such as yoga, Zumba gold, Latin dance, tai chi, and line dancing. She's even learned to play pickleball.

"Residents have the opportunity to be as involved as they want to be. If they want to be in ten different groups and clubs and always be socializing, they can do that," says Fuller. "But it's important to note that our well-being offerings aren't limited to fitness classes."

A holistic approach

For those who enjoy intellectual challenges, Fuller--along with Resident Services Coordinator Shelby Kienzle-Pappalardo--teaches a six-week memory fitness program out of UCLA. 

Part of the program includes The 14-Day Plan, which focuses on mental activity. Participants are encouraged to do a word game or memory practice daily, maintain a brain-healthy diet, get in some physical activity, and manage stress. 

"It's a holistic look at health and well-being," says Fuller. "Residents love it!"

In addition to physical and mental engagement, Avery Point offers something that can only be found in a tight-knit community: unwavering support. 

"Many seniors who still live in their houses may find that the social connections they once had are dwindling. When longtime neighbors and friends move away, a younger generation moves in," explains Fuller. "At Avery Point, like-minded peers are always around the corner! And staff members go above and beyond to care for residents."

Social butterflies

For Mac and Bev Hudgins, fostering supportive, meaningful connections at Avery Point has had a huge impact on their well-being. 

"And we've only lived at Avery Point for six months!" says Mac. "It's good fun. It's interesting to talk to other people. All the residents here are extremely friendly."

On many occasions, the Hudgins have asked hosts and hostesses at community restaurants to be seated with people they haven't met before. 

"It's really great," adds Bev. "And the staff couldn't be nicer."

When they're not busy making new friends, Mac and Bev like playing golf at the local country club and working out in Avery Point's fitness center. Bev, a real fan of the community's active lifestyle, also takes core classes, participates in line dancing, and learned how to play canasta. 

"We want to stay agile and strong enough to be able to do anything we want to!" she says.

With lots of groups, clubs, and activities to choose from, Avery Point residents have a world of wellness at their fingertips.

Invest in your future self at Avery Point. From top-notch amenities to affordable, maintenance-free apartment homes, you are sure to live your retirement to the fullest. Request more information today!