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Wind Crest's Aurline Emmett (nee Osmond) Reconnects With Her Great Niece, Marie, at Marie's Book Signing

April 8, 2013

HIGHLANDS RANCH,CO (April 8, 2013) -- Wind Crest retirement community resident Aurline Emmett (nee Osmond)  first met her celebrity great niece, Marie, 25 years ago at Studio City Mormon Ward in San Fernando Valley, California.  At the time Marie worked in Hollywood doing a sitcom with actress Betty White and Aurline worked there as an advertising account executive. "Marie was very pleasant," said Aurline. She wanted to know everything about our family relationship."
This week Aurline reconnected with Marie (see above photo by Pete Ritchie) at Tattered Cover Bookstore in Highlands Ranch, CO, when Marie held a book signing for her new book, "The Key is Love."  Time stood still as the two reminisced after so many years. Marie proudly introduced Aurline to the 200 people in attendance.
"It was quite remarkable that she made me a part of her presence," said Aurline, who is related to Marie through her ancestor great grandfather, George Osmond, who came to the United Stated from England in the late 1800s.  "Marie loves people and reaches out to them. I had the most marvelous experience meeting her again and talking to her."
Aurline's family lived near the Osmond family in Ogden,Utah, at the time when the Osmond brothers were regular performers on Andy Williams' popular television show. Aurline majored in English at the University of Southern California then.
"My mom and dad knew the Osmonds well," said Aurline, who had one of her scripts produced by CBS Radio after she graduated -- perhaps karma with the entertainment world of her great niece.  
Aurline eventually became a counselor at UCLA. She moved to Wind Crest five years ago from her former home in Studio City. Her youngest daughter,Shelley, is married to Pete Ritchie, the Community Resources Manager at Wind Crest.
Aurline said she will always hold her reconnection with her great niece close to her heart.  "Marie is genuine," she said. "There is nothing pretentious about her. She truly cares."
It appears the key really is love.