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Wind Crest Neighbors Look Forward to a New Year of Worry-Free Living

Danielle Rexrode
January 2, 2024
Wind Crest Neighbors Look Forward to a New Year of Worry-Free Living

There was a time, Ken and Marcia Cooper recall, when they rarely saw their neighbors. After work, they would pull into the garage of their Lakewood, Colo., house, close the door, and call it a day. 

Now, the couple can't get enough of their neighbors at Wind Crest, an Erickson Senior Living community in Highlands Ranch, Colo.

"It is so easy to meet folks here, whether through the various clubs, groups, or classes; multiple high-quality restaurants; or just walking your dog," says Ken. "We have made so many friends!"

With maintenance-free apartment homes that create more time for pursuing hobbies and interests, it's no wonder why residents like Ken and Marcia are going to be enjoying time with friends in the new year. 

Active and worry-free

Thanks to the predictable monthly service package, which covers everything from appliance repairs and utilities to a meal plan at on-site restaurants, the Coopers have been able to explore Wind Crest's long list of activities.

Together, they exercise daily in the fitness center and attend concerts and dances together. Marcia participates in a sewing and quilting group and plays mah-jongg. 

Ken, a writer, joined a writer's group and writes for the monthly campus newsletter.

"I was writing a book prior to our move to Wind Crest, but I had to drive to my writers' group meetings," says Ken. "After we moved, I immediately joined the weekly writers' group here. Now, my meetings are just a short walk from our apartment home."

Because all buildings across the 84-acre campus are connected via climate-controlled walkways, Ken never has to brave the cold to make it to a meeting or his water volleyball and tennis games. 

"I also host a show on the community's in-house TV station," he says. "Accessing amenities and participating in activities is safe and convenient."

More on the horizon

Since 2007, Wind Crest has provided thousands of retirees like Ken and Marcia with an active, worry-free lifestyle--enhanced by industry-leading amenities, which are slated to expand in 2024.

"Wind Crest's vision for 2024 is characterized by growth and opportunity," says Executive Director Craig Erickson. "As the community grows, we continue to expand the offerings on campus. With so many new additions and opportunities on the horizon, we couldn't be more excited about the year ahead."

Renovations at Town Center Clubhouse are already underway, with two new restaurants opening in the spring.

A new on-site CVS Pharmacy will also be opening soon. "That will be a game changer," Erickson says, "as it allows residents to get their prescriptions filled without having to leave the community."

Wind Crest's last independent living residence building, which will add 94 new apartment homes, is currently under construction as well.

"It's on target to open in the summer of 2025," notes Erickson. "There's definitely lots to look forward to!"

Easy decision

The vibrant, growing community also attracted Marti Starick, who moved from Morrison, Colo., in 2022. 

"I came to visit friends for lunch, and instantly, I knew I wanted to move here. It was a feeling like, 'Wow! This is the place,'" says Marti, who was also looking to embrace an engaging lifestyle in retirement. 

"Everything I read says that staying active and socializing are the keys to longevity. It's easy to do that here," she continues. "I go to exercise classes and have joined a painting group. We have a new pickleball court and two pools. You name it, and it's all here."

Throughout the week, Marti attends happy hours with dancing and cocktails, speaker programs to learn about different topics, and movie nights. 

"There are lots of opportunities to meet new people," she says. "Having this many options of things to do is just wonderful."

Don't wait

Ken and Marcia, who recently celebrated nine years at Wind Crest, are glad they moved when they did--and recommend a proactive approach to others exploring the community.   

"Do not wait to move," says Ken. "When we moved here in our 70s, some friends wondered why we did it so soon. We wanted to get situated while we were still active and could enjoy everything!"

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