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Opportunities for Advancement Abound at Wind Crest

By Michele Wojciechowski
June 22, 2023
Josie Miller Grows Her Healthcare Career at Wind Crest

In 2018, Josie Miller worked for several home healthcare agencies. When she started seeing a client at Wind Crest, the Erickson Senior Living community located in Highlands Ranch, Colo., she knew that’s where she wanted to work instead.

Like the majority of Wind Crest residents, Miller’s client resided in independent living when they first started working together. As the resident’s needs changed over time, she moved to the community’s continuing care neighborhood, right on campus. As a result, Miller saw all areas of the community as well as the healthcare the staff provided.

“I’ve always liked the culture here,” says Miller. “Compared to the other healthcare locations I visited, Wind Crest was different. There was just a good feeling here. The residents were always happy!”

Three and a half years ago, Miller received an email about a Wind Crest hiring event. Although she was working as a certified nursing assistant (CNA), she also has a background as a medical assistant. “I wanted to use all my skills,” she says.

Miller wanted a job that was faster-paced. So, she attended the event and applied for a position. She was hired shortly thereafter.

While her first job at Wind Crest was with the home support department, after a year, Miller knew she wanted to advance her career by working in continuing care, specifically in skilled nursing.

She remembers something the person she was shadowing told her: “All you need to be successful here is drive, dedication, and commitment to do the best you can.”

This advice stayed with Miller, and she gave her best to the residents. She also noticed how the staff worked together, and that meant a lot to her.

“Staff here are a lot more helpful than at other communities. They work together as a team. They give so much to the residents. Everyone knows everyone. I have support if I need it. I don’t feel alone,” she says.

She also learned something else: “There’s a lot of opportunity here. There’s so much room for learning.” Six months later, Miller began working as a nursing restorative aide, which she loved.

During that time, she began serving as a mentor for Wind Crest’s Mentor Program. “I’ve always trained people in my other jobs. At Wind Crest, I’ve liked being available to new CNAs right out of school,” she explains. Although she knew many of the staff learned from her, she says that she learned from them as well.

When Miller wanted to advance her career again, she moved up to become the continuing care onboarding navigator. It’s the perfect fit for her.

“When I was working as the restorative aide, I was an advocate for the residents—making sure that their needs were always met,” says Miller. “Now I feel like I’m an advocate for the employees.”

She prides herself on helping staff so that they have what they need and stay happy. Because when employees are as happy as they are at Wind Crest, they tend to remain working there, and staff retention is important to both Wind Crest and Erickson Senior Living.

If Miller eventually chooses to move into another position, she knows that her managers at Wind Crest would help. “It all starts with communicating with your managers, letting them know what you like to do, and asking them what you need to do if you want a lead position or to move to another department,” Miller says.

Managers assist employees who want to further their educations. Erickson even helps with tuition reimbursement.

“They will work with your schedule. When you invest in the company, they’ll work hard for you,” says Miller. “Wind Crest is a good place to start building your career.”

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