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Community Members Appreciate the Value of Life at Wind Crest

by Michele Wojciechowski
March 2, 2021
Financial Value, Wind Crest

A little less than 10 years ago, Anne and Bill Mills moved into Wind Crest, the Erickson Living-managed community in Douglas County, Colo. It's a decision they're glad they made, sooner rather than later.

“We were residents in the greater Denver area and looked at several of the communities that are in the Highlands Ranch area, and this was—by far—the most attractive one for us,” says Anne. “It was an easy financial decision for us.”

In addition to living in a home in Douglas County, Anne and Bill owned a home in Arizona. When they sold both and moved to Wind Crest, it was a relief. By moving to Wind Crest, they no longer had to worry about all the maintenance related to two homes.

“We were glad, over a period of time, not to be taking care of those homes,” says Anne.

Unmatched facilities

Besides leaving behind the stress of taking care of their homes, Anne says that they are also relieved because by living at Wind Crest, they won't burden their two children, both of whom live on the East Coast, if they were to need some kind of additional assistance or care as they age.

“One of the added benefits to moving in was the continual care that you [are able to] receive at Wind Crest,” says Anne. She adds that the breadth of resources is amazing. “We like the size of the community and the kinds of facilities that are provided within the community,” says Anne. “Like our own medical center with two doctors and two physician assistants. The major factor was the support and care, and the kind of facilities that are available for us here. Our medical center is excellent! It's just outstanding, as is our outpatient physical therapy.”

But there are other reasons that Anne and Bill like living at Wind Crest—one is all the friends they've made at the community.

“There's just some terrific people here whom we enjoy being around and doing things with,” says Anne. “I think the whole culture of the community attracts people who become very good friends.”

A great investment

According to Wind Crest Sales Counselor Tony Stephenson, moving to this community also makes good financial sense. “Our size and entrance deposit structure allows us to offer more services than most communities for a far lower and more predictable monthly expense,” he says.

At Wind Crest, there are two fees: the entrance fee, which is 90% refundable, and a monthly service package. More details are available in the Residence and Care Agreement.

Included in one monthly fee are: all of your utilities; heating and air conditioning; flexible meal plans at on-site restaurants; maintenance, including the repair/replacement of your appliances; cable TV; fitness center and swimming pool access; regularly scheduled transportation; 24-hour security and emergency response; and professional landscaping, including lawn care and snow removal.

“It's reasonable,” says Anne.

Once you're at Wind Crest, it's your home forever. “Wind Crest offers a 'home for life' commitment. No one has ever been asked to leave the community due to an inability to pay. When someone outlives their funds, despite careful planning, or experiences genuine and unforeseen change in their finances, the Resident Care Fund is there to help,” explains Stephenson.

What money can't buy

While Wind Crest is undoubtedly a great place to move to because of its financial perks, it also provides a lot that money can't buy. Like the feeling of safety Anne says they have had all during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We feel so much safer here. The precautions that have been taken and the acceptance of the precautions by all the residents has been phenomenal,” says Anne. “We are much more comfortable with the people who are in our community than we are with those outside it. We're all following the same precautions.”

New friends and old

Although they didn't know anyone when they first moved into Wind Crest, Anne says that she and Bill made friends quickly. They also discovered that people they had known from activities and the church they attended had also moved in, so they had even more friends.

“There's quite a number of people who live here with whom we have common interests,” says Anne. “It tends to be the breadth of activities that allows any resident to meet other people with whom they have common interests, and that's how friendships develop. We have made great friendships here—terrific ones.”

When asked to sum up why she and Bill love living at Wind Crest, Anne says, “The people, the facilities, and, essentially, the fee-for-service approach. We feel very comfortable in this community.”

If you'd like to learn more about the financial value of moving to Wind Crest, visit or call 1-800-710-2374.