'Why We Chose a Vibrant Retirement at Siena Lakes'

April 11, 2024

When John and Toni Rosenbaum first visited Siena Lakes, the Erickson Senior Living community in Naples, Fla., they knew it was the right fit for them.

"The community was bustling with activity!" recalls John. "So many residents were out and about, participating in clubs and stopping to chat with one another. That's the kind of lifestyle we were looking for."

Recently, the Tribune spoke with the couple to learn more about what motivated them to make the move to Siena Lakes and how they're enjoying the community's vibrant environment. 

Tribune: What led you to choose Siena Lakes?

Toni: Having lots of amenities and activities to choose from was a huge plus, but the main reason we chose Siena Lakes was the levels of health care available. Even though we're pretty active, we considered how our needs might change in the future. 

We knew that moving to a continuing care retirement community would provide us peace of mind. We also thought of it as a gift to our children, since they wouldn't have to worry about us. 

John: Safety was a priority as well. If there had been an emergency in our condo, we would've had to dial 9-1-1, describe the situation and where we live, and then wait. 

Here, we just have to simply contact security--and wait no longer than three minutes for emergency responders to arrive. It was also reassuring for us to see doctors for routine check-ups through the medical center right on campus.

Tribune: Did your move go smoothly?

John: Yes! Thanks to Siena Lakes' realty and moving services, our move was stress-free from beginning to end. We received referrals for trusted real estate agents and information and assistance on downsizing. 

Planning and Moving Consultant Kristine Kluge even came to our condo and reviewed the floor plan for our one-bedroom, two-bath apartment home--with a den--to help us determine what we could bring and where it would fit. 

Toni: We've moved a lot in our lives, and this move was the easiest of them all by far. They really know what they're doing!

Tribune: What else has impressed you about Siena Lakes?

Toni: The maintenance-free living. When we lived in a condo, we owned it, so we had to take care of it. Out of habit, when our refrigerator here stopped working, John got out the manual. It took me a minute, but then I said, "You don't have to do that anymore! We can call somebody."

John: I'm glad she stopped me! I called maintenance, and they said they were going to replace the refrigerator. To our surprise, the new fridge was installed the same day. 

At our condo, we would've had to call a repair person, wait for them, then have them tell us we need a new one. Then, we'd have to go shopping, buy one, and wait for delivery. How many weeks would that have taken? Since I'm no longer pulling out manuals and tools, I have more time to pursue the activities I enjoy. 

Tribune: What kind of activities are you involved in? 

Toni: We visit the on-site fitness center to take classes three days a week--two are for strength and balance and the other is for strength and toning. I volunteer at the sales office every Friday afternoon as a resident receptionist for walk-ins. 

I've also joined a volunteer group called Helping Hands, which helps residents with short-term needs. If someone sprains their arm, I can bring dinner up to them or go get their mail.

John: We have a program called Siena Stories, in which people talk about something that's been important in their lives. I had fun doing a presentation at one of those sessions. I was a teacher, so I'm most excited about a new program here called ESL [English as a Second Language] Resident Tutors, run by a fellow resident. 

I'm teaching students one-on-one for a few hours each week. It's so rewarding to watch my students learn and improve!

Toni: We love the engaging culture here. I enjoy socializing with people who have common interests and goals that brought them here. Doing everything right within the community--without having to get in the car and drive somewhere--is so convenient!

To learn more about the benefits of moving to a maintenance-free community, request more information today.