Siena Lakes Offers Fun, Freedom, and Flexibility

July 8, 2021

For Renee and Jesse Fritz, future residents of Siena Lakes, a continuing care retirement community developed and managed by Erickson Senior Living, choosing the community was easy. Renee heard about Erickson’s nationwide communities through a friend, who lives in Massachusetts and is familiar with the style of living offered.

“My friends were very much in favor of it,” says Renee. “Erickson seems to have a very good reputation!” But, of course, it took more than word-of-mouth for the Fritzes to choose their new home. Jesse says that they were also looking for a place where they could have a doctor on the premises if they were to need one. “We wanted someplace to go without having to go out of the community itself,” he says. Renee adds that she likes that medical staff is available 24/7 in case of an emergency.

Getting rid of clutter

Downsizing is also important to them. Although they moved to a smaller place 17 years ago, Renee said it was time to do even more.

“We thought that, at this stage of the game, we should try to size down,” she says. While downsizing can be easier for some people, it can be a real task for others. But Sales Director Fred Moschetta says that Siena Lakes has that covered too. “We have staff members who can help you with everything from figuring out which furniture to bring and how to sell or pass on the rest to getting a real estate professional who will look out for you,” he says. “We do absolutely everything we can to make your move as easy and carefree as possible.”

Speaking of being carefree, that’s another main reason people are moving to Siena Lakes. “I had a house for 47 years. I don’t want the responsibility,” says Jesse. Even though they had moved into a condo, he says that he ended up being the president of the association. “Instead of having no responsibility, I had 95 other people to take care of.” That’s one of the reasons he’s excited about moving into Siena Lakes—his time will once again be his own.

Free to enjoy life

“The maintenance-free living that we have at Siena Lakes enables all our residents the freedom and independence to spend their time however they want,” says Moschetta. They can be as active as they want or as private as they choose. If they want to work out every day, they can. If they want to read poolside, attend a lecture or concert, play bridge or go golfing, they can do all that and more. Because if any maintenance [is needed] in their home, we have staff to manage that for it for them. It is the exact lifestyle that everyone wishes for!”

Spreading the word

Jesse was so impressed with Siena Lakes that he already shared his future home with the Men’s Club he belongs to. In April, members of the 150-strong group came to Siena Lakes to hold a dinner. But this wasn’t for a sales pitch. Jesse said that he just wanted them to see where he was going to live. If they wanted to, they could listen to some information about the community.

 “It was a chance to hear what Siena Lakes has to offer. I mean it has a good reputation, you know,” says Jesse. “In fact, there are a couple of other guys in the group that are already moving here.”

Lots to do

The Fritzes are also excited about the fitness center, playing games, reading, and more. “I became a model maker again after 62 years,” says Jesse. He’s looking forward to keeping up his personal interests at Siena Lakes, while also anticipating enjoying the social aspects of living in a new community. Renee loves reading and is looking forward to joining a book club at Siena Lakes.

“We can always be 100% busy,” she says. She adds that they want to be able to do what they want to do if and when they want to do it. “I think it will be nice. Some of the people that we have met that are moving in—they’re very nice,” says Renee. “They’ve very pleasant. Basically, everybody’s looking for the same thing.”

 The first step to enjoying maintenance-free retirement living at Siena Lakes is to request a brochure.