Residents Look Forward to a New Year of Worry-Free Living

December 27, 2023

For Siena Lakes, an Erickson Senior Living community in North Naples, Fla., "The vision for 2024 is all about growth and opportunity," says Sales Director Suzanne McAllister. "Our restaurants are expanding their hours and we're adding to our fitness offerings--after welcoming a new fitness manager." 

She adds, "Meanwhile, we're opening a new continuing care neighborhood and construction is underway on our fourth neighborhood."

Torre Square, the community's continuing care neighborhood, will offer a range of health care services--available if or when residents ever need them. 

"The opening of Torre Square will be gratifying to many people," adds McAllister. "Residents are looking forward to it because the primary benefit of a continuing care retirement community like Siena Lakes is peace of mind. By having multiple levels of care on site, residents know that their needs will continue to be met over time."

With top-notch restaurants, engaging activities, and health care services just a short, indoor stroll away, residents have everything they need to make the most of 2024! 

'Everything I wanted'

Lonnie Aronson moved to Siena Lakes a year and a half ago after living in St. Louis, Mo., for more than three decades.

"Two years after moving into a senior living community in St. Louis, my husband passed away from Alzheimer's," Lonnie says. 

Although she loved living there, she didn't have any family nearby. Considering her options, she thought, "I have relatives in Florida, I love Florida, and I love the water." So, Lonnie decided to tour Siena Lakes, a beautiful senior living community near her relatives in Naples. 

"That's why I came to Siena Lakes! It has everything I wanted," says Lonnie, who happily waved goodbye to the stress of maintenance--thanks to the monthly service package, which covers everything from appliance repairs and utilities to a meal plan at on-site restaurants. "This community is wonderful. It's stress free."

She also appreciates the variety of clubs and social activities across campus. 

"Siena Lakes is a wonderful place to be for people who want to socialize," says Lonnie. "I love the new friendships I'm forming. Everybody is so kind and friendly. It's a very happy place to be living."

Newfound free time

Angela and Ben Tiley, who moved to Siena Lakes about a year ago, are equally enthusiastic about the community's lively atmosphere. 

"It has exceeded our expectations!" says Angela. "We find it much easier to meet new people, enjoy good food, and find things to do. We are participating in so many activities--from water aerobics to bridge and lots of fun social events."

Their maintenance-free apartment home--conveniently located near restaurants, the fitness and aquatics center, and numerous other amenities--grants them more free time to pursue their hobbies.

"As a result," says McAllister, "residents are motivated to launch groups and clubs around their interests, creating a community of like-minded friends. And our residents are coming up with some great ideas to expand the number of activities!"

Lonnie, more active than ever before, couldn't agree more. 

"I'm playing bocce, golf, mah-jongg, and canasta; walking around campus; and going to exercise classes," says Lonnie. "I am the number one cheerleader for Siena Lakes! There's just so much to do."

Above and beyond

Residents like Lonnie, Angela, and Ben are optimistic about 2024 because of this carefree, active lifestyle that Siena Lakes continues to provide. 

And the community's connection to Erickson Senior Living's financial strength, expertise, and vibrant culture enhances their positive outlook on the new year. That experience includes more than 40 years of operational excellence, which isn't possible without the support of thousands of team members nationwide.

"As with most things, people make all the difference," Angela says. "We found this applies to the staff members here as well. The wait staff in the restaurants is simply great--high school students with great personalities. We love them all!"

"Folks here truly enjoy and appreciate dining in our restaurants," McAllister says. "With our first neighborhoods now complete, restaurants are expanding their hours and offering more choices, such as brunch on Sunday."

She adds, "There's so much to be excited about this year at Siena Lakes."

To learn more about the benefits of moving to a maintenance-free community, request more information today.