Longtime Erickson Senior Living Staff Members Excited to Join Siena Lakes

July 27, 2021

Siena Lakes is brand new. But some of the staff aren’t—at least not new to Erickson. They’ve transferred from various ESL communities around the country. Why? Because they absolutely love working for the company. Here are the Siena Lakes staff members who enjoy the longest company tenure:

Kristine Kluge, sales counselor, 28 years

In 1993, Kristine Kluge began working for Erickson at the Henry Ford Village in Dearborn, Mich., as the resident services director. In 2008, she transferred to Fox Run in Novi, Mich., to have the opportunity to work in a newer, growing community. She came to Siena Lakes because it’s “another exciting opportunity to help build this community from the ground up and bring the Erickson Way to Naples,” says Kluge. In addition, she’s looking forward to seeing the residents enjoying the Erickson lifestyle. “I love working with the residents, but equally, I’ve always worked with great teammates. I love what I do, and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be,” says Kluge. “We have FUN at work! Also, the relationships we build with our residents make our communities a special place to work. I feel like we become one big family!”

Fred Moschetta, sales director, 28 years

 When Fred Moschetta began working, also at Henry Ford Village, he was the housekeeping manager. He moved to Fox Run to work on the opening team, then serve as sales director and finally, the associate executive director. He’s been working on the opening at Siena Lakes since 2018. He came to work at Siena Lakes to have “the opportunity to grow the Erickson Senior Living brand and bring our strong reputation of high-level service to southwest Florida.” Moschetta is looking forward to watching the residents all enjoy their new home. During his many years at Erickson, Moschetta says that the most inspiring thing he’s learned is, “Age is only a number—it’s what you do with it that makes a difference not only in your life, but with others you give back to. Make the most of every day and enjoy it,” he says. “Laugh as much as possible.”

Mike McCormick, executive director, 25 years

In 1995, Mike McCormick was part of a training program that took experienced business leaders with a desire to work in senior services and provided them with experiential learning. The following year, he began working as director of health services at Charlestown in Catonsville, Md. Just three years later, he was named associate executive director at Oak Crest in Parkville, Md. He was promoted to executive director at Fox Run in Novi, Mich., where he helped open the community. “I had the privilege of opening a campus at Fox Run in 2003, and there’s really nothing quite like it. It’s such a rush to assemble a new team, welcome new residents, and help create something brand new that’s never been done before,” says McCormick. “The Siena Lakes residents I’ve met are absolutely phenomenal, and the team that’s moved from all over the country to start this campus is off-the-charts talented. We have more than 250 years of Erickson experience when you add it all up! I’m looking forward to living out our mission of ‘sharing our gifts and creating a community that celebrates life.’”

Kevin Patterson, senior sales associate, 18 years

After working as a student service in dining services at Riderwood, another Erickson community in Silver Spring, Md. in 2003, Kevin Patterson would eventually join the sales team at the same community. “I came to Siena Lakes to share why so many people call an Erickson community ‘home,’ and all of the new experiences they have shared with me since moving to our communities,” says Patterson. “I’m eager to see the community come together as residents bring their interests and experiences here, creating new friendships and bonds like I’ve seen at our other communities.” People like working with Erickson Senior Living, he says because “Our residents genuinely care about the employees and vice versa—creating a caring and cohesive environment for everyone. Being a part of something bigger than ourselves is a great feeling that is hard to match!”

 The first step to enjoying maintenance-free retirement living at Siena Lakes is to request a brochure.  

Written by Michele Wojciechowski