A Fresh Focus on Well-Being at Seabrook

Linda Esterson
February 7, 2024
Seabrook  Fitness

Roz Hertz and Marcia Katz met during a fitness class at Seabrook, an Erickson Senior Living community in Tinton Falls, N.J. "We hit it off pretty quickly," says Marcia. "We had so much in common!" 

Now, Roz and Marcia are inseparable. They meet at Seabrook's fitness center for three (or more) exercise classes each week, dine at the community's restaurants, play Rummikub, and attend concerts on campus.

"I stay active and make friends at the same time," says Roz, who also takes daily classes at the aquatics center. "Seabrook's activities provide opportunities for social connection, which contributes to my overall well-being."

At Seabrook, residents have convenient access to industry-leading amenities that are designed to enhance their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. With an on-site medical center and a range of healthy options at community restaurants, there's no shortage of ways for residents to reach their wellness goals! 

Investing in well-being

"My Mind, My Body, My Connections," a holistic program Erickson Senior Living developed to help residents embrace their well-being, has had a significant impact on the Seabrook community. 

"Supporting mental, physical, and emotional health is the foundation of our mission to help seniors live better lives," says Resident Life Manager Kris Colabella. "By staying active, residents make the most of their worry-free lifestyle here."

To support residents in their wellness journeys, Erickson Senior Living is investing $500 million in upgrades to its communities, focusing on amenities and programs that promote well-being. 

At Seabrook, the investment was used to purchase new Matrix treadmills, Echelon bikes, rowers, and ergometers for the fitness center. It also contributed to the community's new multipurpose rooms--mainly for exercise classes--and upgrades to the indoor swimming pool. 

Fitness Instructor Denise O'Connell notes that these new amenities are already bustling with activity. 

Relax & Renew, a class offered in one of the multipurpose rooms, allows residents to connect their minds to their bodies and focus on positive energy.

"When the lights are dimmed and soft music plays, I can see the calm that comes over them," O'Connell says. "And I notice that they're mindful with other activities as well, like walking and stretching."

Aquatics classes--proven to be quite popular--alleviate stress on joints, help with balance and flexibility, and build confidence. In Ai Chi, residents connect mind and body through diaphragmatic breathing and gentle movement, utilizing the cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular, and limbic systems.

"Exercising plays a key role in our overall health," adds Meg Macan, another fitness instructor at Seabrook. "Our programs motivate and inspire residents to be healthy in their mind, body, and soul."

Active and engaged

Executive Director Jen McNamara is excited about Seabrook's new well-being center, slated to open in early 2025. 

"It will provide space for meditation, massage, acupuncture, and other holistic health services," she explains. "When residents tap into their spiritual and mental health, they create a strong base for overall well-being." 

In the meantime, residents can care for their spiritual and mental health by attending religious programs and educational classes on campus.

Marcia looks forward to the weekly Shabbat services. "I feel a sense of belonging, and I find the services to be meaningful," she says. "It's another part of the stimulating environment at Seabrook."

The Seabrook Active Learners group offers inspiring classes on various topics, enabling residents to keep their minds engaged. The Pastoral Ministries department offers weekly meditation sessions, focused on enhancing mindfulness, reducing stress, and promoting relaxation. 

Marcia and Roz recently participated in a pilot cognitive therapy program, Stress Management and Resiliency Training, offered in 10 weekly sessions. Residents and staff members will have the opportunity to enroll in future sessions.

"I've been waiting for a class like this for years," Roz explains. "It was very good for me. I feel more focused on the positive aspects of life."

"The atmosphere here is very conducive to positive thinking," Marcia adds. "I always feel very uplifted."

World of wellness

With so many amenities, activities, and resources to choose from, Seabrook residents have a world of wellness at their fingertips. 

"It all works together," McNamara explains. "Being connected and present and participating in what we have to offer supports overall well-being. At Seabrook, residents have everything they need to enjoy a healthy, rewarding retirement."

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