Silver Spring, MD, Women Go Bare to Pose in Riderwood Calendar Fundraiser

July 24, 2012

SILVER SPRING, MD (July 24, 2012)   - A calendar featuring sexy photos of women who live at Riderwood retirement community in Silver Spring, MD, is now in print production. And the models who posed say it has been one of the best experiences of their lives.
The calendar, entitled "Going Bare for Benevolent Care," will be on sale September 10 to the public for $15 with all proceeds benefiting Riderwood's Benevolent Care Fund. It features female residents in an array of poses and scenes.
"Our calendar gives information about the Benevolent Care Fund's needs in a different, eye-catching way," said Beth Gordon, who is Miss November and heads the project that had its origin over a year ago in conceptual and creative discussions.
Trial photo shoots were held last February with actual shoots taking place from March to June scheduled throughout the 120-acre Riderwood campus as often as the committee could arrange the venue, schedule the photographer and models, and obtain props. "The models came to the shoots with some trepidation, but our team made them relax and laugh so their personalities were revealed," said Gordon.
Roberta Rossman, Miss February, fluffed hair and loaned her makeup. One flexee, in particular, was used by several models. For the outdoor photo shoots privacy was questionable. "When we did the Harley Davidson motorcycle shot, we're sure the residents working in the nearby gardens wondered what was going on," said Gordon.
Resident Robert Boger, an avid photographer since age 10, took the photos. He teaches Photoshop Elements and Digital Photography and his expertise was enhanced by his charm, patience and good looks, according to the models. He also had the grace to look elsewhere when there was an unexpected wardrobe malfunction. "We used 3 rolls of surgical tape to hold 'objects' in place," said Boger.
"The team especially enjoyed the dancers' photo shoot, "We still have the moves," so much that we just kept having them dance on stage," said Rossman.  "They even brought their own music."   One of the dancers, Carolyn Stearns, who studied with Martha Graham and danced with Jose Limon, served as coach for the photo shoots, helping the models laugh and relax.  For the "Riderwood Rocks" shoot resident Shirley Dearfield, Miss January, had so many holes in her stockings that she had to put them on backwards. Then she fell off the piano.
Gordon told her pastor about this project and offered to have him review her photo.  He declined, but commented this was an aspect of her personality that was new to him.
All models were residents who volunteered with enthusiasm. "We looked for ones with an adventurous spirit," said resident Sylvia Valentino, Miss July, who is an accomplished artist. "Several were recruited during water exercises in the pool. It was easier than you'd think - took only a short time. This was a new adventure for all of us."
Calendar scenes were determined by the resident committee in many meetings. Valentino wrote a list of 18 possibilities, most of which were used in the calendar. "We wanted the pictures to be edgy but tasteful, and show how varied and interesting life is here at Riderwood, instead of going with the usual monthly calendar theme." Using her artistic talents, Valentino also designed the unique calendar cover.
The resident models say the calendar portrays women of all ages. "It shows that we are feisty, adventurous and have a sense of humor. We feel comfortable in our skin and in our community," said Gordon.
"This calendar sends a message that a group of women care enough about their community and neighbors to take on a project like this," said Fiona Divecha, the philanthropy manager for Riderwood. "It also is a good way to tell the story of the Benevolent Care Fund, not only to Riderwood residents but also to the public, in a way that is fun."
More information about the "Going Bare for Benevolent Care" calendar will be available soon at Calendar, or by calling Beth Gordon, 301-847-2364.