Riderwood Offers a Warm Welcome to the Morgans

June 29, 2022

Ronald and Patti "Cappie" Morgan are self-proclaimed opposites, with Cappie's "roaring" extroversion contrasting Ronald's more introverted nature. Despite their differences in personality, they both find that Riderwood, an Erickson Senior Living community in Silver Spring, Md., is the perfect fit for them.

"This is such a warm, welcoming community," says Ronald. "We enjoy exploring new interests and engaging in activities we didn't have time for in the past."

The journey begins

The road to Riderwood was paved for the Morgans in the nineties, when Ronald and Cappie served as primary support for each of their mothers.

They learned then, in their fifties, to appreciate the gift of peace of mind - knowing that older family members are able to live and thrive in a supportive and caring community of their peers. "That way, we get to enjoy our time with them, rather than be their caretakers," the couple recalls. "We wanted to give that same gift to our three children."

Determined to find a retirement community offering a wide range of activities, the couple began researching options in the Washington, D.C. area.

"We looked at five different communities," says Cappie. "We knew of Riderwood because we had friends living here. We were drawn to the educational options, the size, and the unpretentious feeling of the community."

After finding the perfect floor plan - the Williamsburg, a deluxe two-bedroom, two-bath apartment home with a den and bay window - the Morgans joined the vibrant community in 2020.

Making themselves at home

With only their oldest daughter living in the area, the Morgans' other children did not know what to expect when they learned of their parents' decision.

"Our daughter here in D.C. understood our decision because she was engaged in the process," says Ronald. "She visited apartment options with us," says Ronald. "However, our other two children thought we were crazy - especially moving during a pandemic. It was only when they came and physically saw our new home in Riderwood that they realized what a smart move we had made."

"They feared we had given in to old age," adds Cappie, with a laugh. "But that all changed when we hosted ten of our family members for Christmas - they witnessed us living independently and happily."

Riderwood's stylish, maintenance-free apartment homes grant residents the freedom to live out the retirement lifestyle they've always wanted. Without the hassles of homeownership, residents gain the opportunity to foster meaningful connections and support their overall well-being on their own time.

"Our neighborhood at Riderwood has been recently renovated," says Cappie. "I think that freshness really left an impression with our children. They think that its public spaces look like Crate & Barrel - very attractive. They also appreciate that our apartment home is a reflection of who we are. And we still behave as we did in our house. Couple that with all the activities available to us, and our children are now happy with our move."

Spreading their wings

Soon after their move, Ronald and Cappie began looking for opportunities to explore their shared and differing interests.

"Riderwood is a place that welcomes you," says Ronald. "The first group to welcome us was the pickleball group. They didn't care that we had never played. Instead, they were interested in getting to know us. They are wonderful people."

Cappie also began learning more about Riderwood's Caring Connections program, a comprehensive life-planning initiative designed to help Riderwood residents navigate a myriad of medical, legal, and financial decisions associated with aging.

"I now cochair this resident and staff committee," says Cappie. "It's a wonderful program that gives us the opportunity to provide education on the important issues concerning aging. Our program helps residents identify and collect their key information in one place. The goal is peace of mind. I'm grateful that I am becoming a resource for my family, and in the process can learn about all that Riderwood has to offer."

Enjoying events

Together, the couple enjoys attending musical events, lectures, and discussion groups on campus.

"The richness of the offerings is great," says Ronald.

"The community-wide events give us a way to meet people without standing out as a new person," says Cappie. "There are events with music, science, technology - so many options! It's very likely you'll find a new interest along the way. Whether you're an introvert or extrovert, you can pick your own path."

Now, more than a year after their move to Riderwood, the couple continues to be delighted at the positive changes in their lives.

"One thing I didn't appreciate before our move is that this can be a wonderful time to examine the different roles in one's marriage or partnership," says Ronald. "At Riderwood, we each have the chance to carve out new choices for ourselves, as well as to share ongoing interests."

Invest in your future at Riderwood. From top-notch amenities and activities to affordable, maintenance-free apartment homes, you'll enjoy living your retirement to the fullest. Request more information today!