Residents Look Forward to a New Year of Worry-Free Living

December 27, 2023

"Riderwood is the gift we gave ourselves," says Tom Gingrich, who moved to the Erickson Senior Living community in Silver Spring, Md., with his wife Vicki last May. 

"We really enjoy spending time at the pool. We love that our grandchildren can come over and swim," he says. "Riderwood provides so many opportunities to meet people and make new friends--whether at a restaurant, the pool, the gym, or just walking around on campus." 

With maintenance-free apartment homes that create more time for dining, exercising, and socializing, it's no wonder why residents like the Gingriches are going to be booked and busy in the new year!

Great location and amenities

Wanting to spend more time with family in retirement, Tom and Vicki researched continuing care retirement communities in Maryland, close to where their sons live. 

When they learned about Riderwood's array of amenities and activities, they were ready to pack up in Pennsylvania. 

"We've only lived here a short time, but it's been fantastic," says Vicki. "We love our apartment home and our neighbors. Each and every staff member is helpful, kind, and takes the time to listen."

She adds, "Also, the food is amazing! We did not expect the quality, taste, and presentation to be so good."

Opportunities for growth

Dick Hoehn and Carole Zimmerman, Riderwood residents since 2022, are also very happy with their decision to move. 

"We wanted a pleasant place to live where we had minimal responsibilities and maximum opportunities for personal growth--physical, mental, intellectual, and social. Riderwood has surpassed our expectations," says Dick.

In the new year, they're looking forward to continuing some of their favorite activities. 

"We enjoy walking around the beautiful campus, making new friends; exercising in the gym, taking qigong and tai chi classes offered by Prince George's Community College; and attending live performances. All right here on campus!" says Carole. 

"A staff member at the fitness center recently created a personalized exercise/fitness program for me," adds Dick. "And we still have a lot to check out! We're excited to explore the new CVS Pharmacy as well as meeting the doctors and other health care professionals in the medical center." 

Carole notes that they're also interested in trying new activities this year. "Yoga, ceramics, sustainability groups, issues discussions, and book club groups are on our list," she says. 

Making new friends

Mary Chor, who moved to Riderwood from Chevy Chase, Md., in January 2018, also continues to make the most of her active lifestyle in 2024.

As president of the garden club and director of the Treasure Chest, the community's popular thrift store, Mary is grateful for the many opportunities she has to pursue her hobbies and interests. 

Mary is also a member of the square dance club, and she loves participating in many of the outings organized by Riderwood's local trips group. 

"It's wonderful to sign up for a trip and get on a bus without worrying about traffic or parking," she says. "I've been to theaters, concerts, and professional arts and crafts shows. We also go to restaurants, and I led two trips to the U.S. Botanical Gardens--I ran a volunteer program there prior to my retirement."

Above all, it's the social connections that mean the most to Mary.

"Since moving to Riderwood, I've made more friends than ever before," says Mary. "I love the people I'm friends with here." 

Shining optimism

As the Riderwood community toasts to the New Year, staff and residents alike are looking forward to the future.

"2024 is going to be an exciting year at Riderwood," says Sales Director Josh Runkles. "The community will see the completion of renovation efforts in our four clubhouses; enjoy a new outdoor fitness area; and continue the ongoing, energetic involvement in our 200-plus clubs and programs on campus."

Mary couldn't agree more. "There are so many things to be excited about in 2024, it's almost impossible to name one," she says. "I especially enjoy our dining events. One of my favorites is the Crab Feast. I grew up in Baltimore, so I started eating crabs in my high chair. The ones we have here at Riderwood are fabulous." 

She adds, "That's the terrific part of living here, there really is something for everyone!"

To learn more about the benefits of moving to a maintenance-free community, request more information today.