Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot Speaks to Riderwood Residents

March 14, 2012

SILVER SPRING, MD (March 14, 2012) -- Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot (attached photo) visited Riderwood retirement community today to speak to residents about fiscal matters in the state. He did so at the invitation of the Democratic Club of Riderwood and he spoke to 60 residents for about an hour, holding a Q&A session after his remarks.
Comptroller Franchot said there needs to be an end to political bickering. He said Democrats, Republicans and Independents must  work together to find ways to improve the economy. Accordingly, he advocated the following:

  1.  A two-year moratorium on taxes. This, he said, will give businesses the chance to operate with the certainty of a tax environment and give consumers a break in taxes.
  2. A review of all state budgets to make sure they are as operationally efficient as possible.
  3. A commitment to make state and local bureaucracies become junior partners to the private sector in a manner that helps businesses thrive.
  4. A Financial Literacy requirement in high schools.