Erickson Senior Living Goes “Tech-Savvy” with New Digital App

November 14, 2014

Research reflects that seniors today are becoming more connected than ever, and have a strong interest in digital technologies and applications that can easily connect them with community services and programs.  Based on this understanding, Erickson Living has established a proprietary app, called MyErickson.  The free app is currently available for download at pilot locations (Charlestown and Riderwood) for participating residents and their families, prospects and staff at Google Play and iTunes.  The integrated digital platform that supports all of the app features is called EricksonNow.  After the conclusion of the pilot period the end of this year, other Erickson Living communities will have an opportunity to take advantage of the power of this consolidated communication platform and integrated digital app.

MyErickson enhances residents' lifestyles by providing them diverse information sources – e.g., community information, messages, dining menus, activity calendars, transit schedules, local directories, staff information, and much, much more.  The "senior-friendly" digital platform is accessible from most any type of device (tablet, PC, laptop) that can access the Internet.  "Seniors today are becoming more connected than ever and desire services to easily connect them with community services and programs," said Helen Helm,  Riderwood resident, computer club president and pilot participant.

The top ten information-rich app functions identified (#1 being the highest interest) by pilot residents for inclusion in MyErickson include:

  1. My Meal Balance: to check on available meal balance
  2. Bulletin Boards: to access community announcements, alerts
  3. My Appointments: to schedule apts. for services – e.g., home maintenance
  4. Staff Directory:  to obtain staff contact information
  5. Resident Directory: to obtain resident contact information
  6. My Calendar: to maintain a personalized calendar
  7. My Events: to view activities and plan attendance at Erickson events – e.g., clubs, trips
  8. Restaurant Information: to obtain Erickson dining info. – e.g., hours, menus
  9. My Messages: to obtain notices – e.g., community messages
  10. Clubs, Classes and Groups: to provide club members access to club-related information

What sets MyErickson apart from other industry digital apps is its personalized configuration and ability to provide alignment with community back-end business systems.  For example, its integrated design model puts making appointments, viewing health records, scheduling trips, and reserving meetings rooms, just at someone's fingertips.  In addition, by fostering digital access, Erickson Living communities will save money on direct print costs related to menus, calendars and directories.   Other direct platform benefits include consistency in digital applications across the enterprise, increased inter-departmental communications, reduction of data-entry information, and providing residents more control and power as a part of their "customer experience."

As senior citizens' technology use continues to rise, Erickson Living's focus remains on embracing technology to uniquely positions it in the senior marketplace. MyErickson is a reflection of the company's understanding that digital tools can help retirees and others keep their life increasingly engaging and intellectually satisfying.  "There is no doubt, tech-savvy Baby Boomers expect web-based solutions to support their lifestyle," said, Kerri Shirey, Erickson Living IT Applications Project Manager.  "Our extensive research with residents and prospects has served as an ideal pathway for making MyErickson a perfect fit to meet the interests and expectations of today's and tomorrow's seniors."