Ensuring a Smooth Move to Riderwood

February 6, 2024

As preferred realty partners, AnneMarie Foy and her husband Rob have helped hundreds of retirees embrace a vibrant lifestyle with a move to Riderwood, the Erickson Senior Living community in Silver Spring, Md.

Three years ago, AnneMarie had the chance to do the same for her parents, Philip and Phyllis Edmunds. 

"Since the move, they've met wonderful new friends and expanded their social network," she says. "They've even reunited with people from their former neighborhood--friends they hadn't seen in decades. They enjoy regular lunch dates, card games, and dinners."

In fact, every time AnneMarie and Rob help someone new move to Riderwood, Phyllis asks what building they're moving to so she can look for them at on-campus restaurants and welcome them. 

"She's blossoming into a social butterfly!" says AnneMarie. "It's a joy to see them both thriving."

Trusted resources

As trusted partners to the community, the Foys work with Riderwood's planning and moving consultants Jennifer Hill and Kara Wells. 

After Hill or Wells completes a comprehensive home visit with incoming residents, they refer them to AnneMarie and Rob to conduct a complimentary market analysis.

"Often, the retirees we meet with have lived in their house for 30 to 50 years," says AnneMarie. "They visit Riderwood, see a beautiful apartment home, but then return to their house and think, 'How can I do this? How do I get rid of this stuff? How do I get the house ready to sell?' This is where we can help." 

Rob adds, "We work with multiple contractors to aid in the selling process, whether it is someone to paint, landscape, or help with downsizing. We obtain the estimates and manage the process from start to finish. It is our job to make moving easier for you, taking work off your hands so you can concentrate on your next exciting chapter."

The Edmunds' journey to Riderwood gained momentum at a shredding event that AnneMarie and Rob hosted for current and prospective Riderwood residents. 

"My parents ran into a couple they had met at previous events who had recently moved to Riderwood," says AnneMarie. "The wife, who had originally been hesitant to move, could not say enough good things about their new life. Their story helped my mom--she was really moved by the wonderful new life the couple talked about."

Seeing their interest grow, AnneMarie and Rob suggested  the Edmundses schedule a visit with Hill. 

"By meeting with Jennifer in their house, Philip and Phyllis could ask their important questions and begin to visualize what their possible move would look like," says Rob. 

Like many of the prospective residents the Foys work with, the Edmunds approached the process feeling a bit overwhelmed--but they were quickly reassured that everything would be handled by a team of professionals. 

"My parents told me how they would sit on their deck and list what needed to be done to move, but they couldn't do it alone," says AnneMarie. "I think this was when it finally clicked that it could be done with our help."

Soon enough, Philip and Phyllis were picking out an apartment home and choosing color schemes for their living spaces--without stressing over the details of their upcoming move. 

As with every move they organize, Hill, Wells, and the Foys personalized the Edmunds' move to meet their individual needs. 

"My mom wanted their living space to be familiar," says AnneMarie. "They brought all of their furniture with them, so movers arranged it to mimic the way it was in their house."

Peace of mind

In addition to an engaging lifestyle, the Edmunds now have immediate access to quality health care services. 

Recently, when Philip's blood pressure increased unexpectedly, Phyllis contacted Security. Emergency responders were at their apartment home within minutes to give Philip the care he needed. 

"My mom didn't have to call one of us to say that dad needed to go to the hospital," says AnneMarie. 

"Instead, she turned to the resources available and my dad was quickly taken care of. I'm very proud of her. It really showed us that they are exactly where they should be. I enjoy peace of mind, knowing that my parents are well taken care of at Riderwood."

To learn more about senior living at Riderwood, request your free brochure to get the scoop on amenities, floor plans, and so much more.