"Around the RiderWORLD" Showcases Campus Diversity

September 14, 2012

First Annual Diversity Fair Reflects Inclusive Spirit at Riderwood


(SILVER SPRING, MD)  -- On September 11, Riderwood celebrated its diversity and inclusion by hosting a Diversity Fair known as "Around the RiderWORLD."   The first time event reflected the unique backgrounds of those who live and work on campus, including their rich traditions, cultures and preferences. 
This fun and engaging program was held in the Maryland Hall and the Chesapeake Room in Montgomery Station, and attended by over 300 residents, staff and special guests.  With Passport in hand, each world traveler had the opportunity to visit over 35 information-sharing tables, such as the Riderwood Jewish Community, Unitarian Universalists, Spanish Conversation Group and African American Club.  In addition, special sessions included dance lessons from "Moving to the Latin Beat," a creative fashion show with 12 countries represented, as well as African American cultural piano ensemble performance.
"Around the RiderWORLD" was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the extraordinary diversity that helps to make Riderwood such a strong and vital community, said Chip Warner, Executive Director.  Events like this reflect how residents and staff routinely share their gifts to make the campus a great place to live and to work."
Attached Photo:  Peace Oke, Assistant Director of Nursing and Erickson Living Values Team member, poses during the fashion show in her native outfit from Nigeria.
About Riderwood:  With 2,500 residents, is one of the nation's largest continuing care retirement communities.  It sits on 120 acres that stretch across Prince George's and Montgomery Counties.   Further information on this diversity-rich community can be found at: http://tiny.cc/zj2kkw.  Erickson Living is the developer and manager of Riderwood.