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Sharon Buffaloe Finds Her Groove at Maris Grove

Jill Dutton
April 18, 2024
Maris Grove resident

As soon as Sharon Buffaloe moved to Maris Grove, an Erickson Senior Living community in the Brandywine Valley of Pennsylvania, she realized she'd found the perfect home base to accommodate her love of traveling.

Maris Grove's convenient location--with proximity to Philadelphia, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington, D.C.--makes it easy to enjoy trips both near and far. And thanks to her maintenance-free apartment home, Sharon no longer has to worry about a pipe bursting in the winter or putting a hold on the mail. 

"I can just lock my door and take off!" she says. "I know that everything will be safe and secure until my return."

Before Sharon and her late husband Ted retired, they traveled occasionally, but there just wasn't enough time to explore as much as they liked. But that quickly changed after they moved to Maris Grove in 2011. 

After settling into their apartment home, they didn't waste any time signing up for trips, like outings to local plays and musicals. 

"Then, some time after Ted passed away, I started signing up for trips with friends or on my own," says Sharon. "There was a delicious wine and chocolate tasting! There's always something new and exciting to do or see, and even if I go solo, I never feel alone--but exploring with friends makes travel more enjoyable."

Before venturing out, Sharon simply lets her neighbors and security know that she's leaving.

"Often, neighbors will offer to water your plants or care for your pet while you're gone," says Sharon, the proud parent of Charlie, a green-cheeked parakeet. "It gives you peace of mind, knowing that there's nothing to worry about at home because people are looking out for you--and your feathered or furry friends."

Relax and enjoy

All of Maris Grove's trips are expertly planned and executed by Trip Coordinator Ann Eveland, who takes pride in finding unique events and places for residents to visit. 

"These trips offer residents another way to try different places, enjoy themselves, and create new memories," says Eveland. "Some residents even bring family members or lifelong friends, so they're able to spread the joy."

She adds, "Even better, Maris Grove Priority List members can join the trips--it helps them get a true flavor of this convenient amenity!"

Sharon didn't mind planning trips herself, but having Eveland's support makes these experiences that much better.

"You just sign up! All the details are already handled. It's so nice," Sharon says. "And someone always travels with the group, in case anyone has any questions or needs a little assistance."

And travel isn't the only aspect of living at Maris Grove that Sharon has found appealing.

"The long list of classes and activities here is impressive," she says. "I've been learning watercolor painting, and I recently signed up for a Zentangle class, in which we create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns." 

At her social stitchery club, residents gather in the community's arts and crafts room to work on their projects together. 

"There are also plenty of ways to stay physically active, whether it's taking an exercise class or visiting the fitness center," Sharon says. "Lots of residents enjoy taking their dogs for walks to get their steps in."

She adds, "It's a community where you can do as much as you want or nothing at all!" 

Sense of community

Whether on a trip, at a class, or in her residence building, Sharon revels in the sense of community she experiences at Maris Grove.

"Our hallway is like a sisterhood," she explains. "All of the women on my floor love having football watch parties. We put our pajamas on and head downstairs to the TV when a game is on!"

In addition to the close relationships she's fostered through clubs and activities, Sharon says that attending trips creates opportunities to meet new people.

"I expand my social circle with each trip I take," she says. "Between the friendships I've made on campus and sharing my love of travel with others, I'm very happy with my life at Maris Grove."

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