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Residents Enjoy Great Food, Socializing, and Golf at Maris Grove

Jill Dutton
November 15, 2022
Maris Grove Residents

There are so many benefits at Maris Grove, the Erickson Senior Living community in the Brandywine Valley of Pennsylvania. A maintenance-free lifestyle, a supportive environment, an abundance of activities and clubs, and a beautiful 87-acre campus are just the start of the list.

Cliff Hunter, who moved to the community in 2021, credits all of those factors - and more - for his enhanced quality of life.

On the hunt

When Cliff decided to make the move to a senior living community from Staten Island, N.Y., he initially began looking in Delaware, but he couldn't find a place that fit his needs.

Then he got a tip from his son, who lives in Wilmington, Del. (within 10 miles of Maris Grove), and whose band, the Michael Hunter Trio, performs at Maris Grove. Michael recommended the community to his father, who soon knew he had found his next home.

"I came out of curiosity because my son recommended it," recalls Cliff. "When I toured the community, I was impressed by how welcoming and friendly everyone was. I found an apartment home that worked well for me too."

As an avid golfer since the mid-1990s, Cliff knew that golfing was a hobby he wanted to continue in retirement. Cliff's decision to move to Maris Grove was confirmed when he found out that the community has not one, but two golfing groups.

Tee time

Soon after moving in, Cliff joined both golfing groups at Maris Grove - the 9-Hole Club and the 18-Hole Club. He says he especially appreciates the opportunity to get outdoors, stay active, and foster friendships with other players.

"Becoming involved in the Maris Grove golf clubs is a great way for residents to enjoy the local golf groups in the surrounding area," notes Community Services Coordinator Missy Scheer. "The members of these clubs are very dedicated to their sport, but they are also just out there to have a good time with fellow golfers."

The clubs meet weekly from May through October, carpooling to one of the several courses around the Glen Mills area. And for those who like to practice in between rounds, there's a putting green located right on campus.

A shared passion

Cliff says his interest in golf started when he was living in New York. There are a number of major golf tournaments in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, and Cliff did volunteer work for the PGA, the United States Gold Association, and Ladies Professional Golf Association.

He worked his way up the ranks to volunteer at the Women's and Men's Opens and eventually had the honor of working the President's Cup. "I watched several presidents play, which was great," he says.

While competition keeps club members' heads in the game, "I play for the fun and the exercise," says Cliff. "I don't worry about scores - they're not important to me. The game of golf is what matters!"

He adds, "The one thing we all have in common is enjoyment of the game. You can play golf as long as you can stand up and swing a club. To me, it's the greatest game in the world!"

Delicious dishes

In addition to his fellow golfers, Cliff says he's made friends by taking walks around campus and dining at the community's restaurants. "One thing that impresses me about Maris Grove is how friendly everyone is," he says.

Cliff says he loves the variety of dishes served at the three restaurants, the pub, and the tavern. And while he can't decide on a particular favorite menu item, he notes that he hasn't tried a dish that he doesn't like. "The restaurants feature rotating menus, so there's always something new to try," says Cliff.

And of course, he appreciates the entertainment options - especially when Michael's band is playing!

A hole in one

Research indicates that having an active lifestyle, feeling like part of a community, and interacting with friends and family are important factors as we age, and Cliff has found all of these at Maris Grove.

"Moving to Maris Grove has been a great decision. Every day is different!" he says. "Besides playing golf, I like to relax and sit on the patio talking to new friends I've made here. I'm very happy since moving here."

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