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At Maris Grove, a Commitment to Quality and Care

Jill Dutton
February 21, 2023
Maris Grove staff and resident

In the five years that Eleanor Wilson has lived at Maris Grove, an Erickson Senior Living community in the Brandywine Valley of Pennsylvania, she's found that her daily conversations with staff members are invaluable.

One employee who especially stands out to Eleanor is Maintenance Mechanic Wayne Guy.

"His personality is filled with positivity whenever he enters my apartment home," she says. "Wayne seems really happy in his position, and he is always willing to chat with residents. That level of interaction makes all the difference."

Eleanor maintains a very active schedule at Maris Grove. When she's not singing with the choir or volunteering with The Connectors, she's preparing for the next Resident Advisory Council (RAC) meeting. As a member of the RAC for the past four years, Eleanor has collaborated with a number of employees to organize communitywide efforts.

"Thanks to the RAC, I've developed a bond with Maureen Heckler, Maris Grove's executive director," she says. "Maureen is so helpful in responding to any concerns or suggestions, and in return, she praises the work that the council does. It's a mutually beneficial relationship."

A high level of service

Building meaningful partnerships, just as Eleanor has done, is a core tenet of all Erickson Senior Living communities.

Alan Butler, CEO of Erickson Senior Living, notes that senior living should be considered a destination for career-driven people who possess a passion for connecting with and serving others.

"We continue to train our workforce because the services we offer are only as good as the people who provide them. I am confident that we have the best in the business working for Erickson Senior Living," says Butler.

Eleanor has seen this level of service consistently executed at Maris Grove. She cites Missy Scheer, who worked in the fitness center before becoming community resources manager, as a wonderful example of Butler's sentiment.

"It says a lot about Erickson Senior Living, that employees can grow and choose their own path," Eleanor says. "And, as far as interacting with residents goes, she's the best. She's always available and willing to help. It shows me that Erickson hires the best and treats staff well, and that care gets passed along to us."

Culture of care

As a Maris Grove staff member for the past 14 years, Human Resources Director Katie Sherry says that the community's culture of care is what inspires her work life.

"Being in human resources, I work with employees a lot," she says. "But the great part about working in a community like Maris Grove is that I get the benefit of hearing feedback from community members every day."

She often hears from people that they love chatting with the high school students who serve as hosts, hostesses, and servers in the community's on-site restaurants.

"The relationships people build here enhance both the work and living environment at Maris Grove," she says.

Career growth

For staff member Kevin Remines, avenues for professional growth contribute greatly to his job satisfaction at Maris Grove.

Four years ago, Remines started as an operations assistant. Because of his interest in the culinary arts, he took advantage of career development opportunities before becoming an assistant general manager of dining. Realizing how much resident interaction meant to him, he moved into his current role as a reoccupancy manager, overseeing apartment home renovations and welcoming new residents.

"I love connecting with residents," he says. "At Maris Grove, I'm a part of something bigger, which is very important to me. My values perfectly align with Erickson Senior Living's mission, which is why I'm so fortunate to grow and advance here."

He adds, "While I want to continue moving up within the company, the resident interaction is something I don't want to lose. That's truly what I enjoy the most!"

The feeling is mutual

Heckler notes that Erickson Senior Living's dedication to providing quality service is expressed through daily life at Maris Grove.

"We get to help seniors live better, fuller lives, but they do the same for us in many ways," she says.

She points to a piece of art, hanging on her office wall, that was painted by a resident.

"It's a painting of the Brooklyn Bridge--one of my favorite landmarks," she adds. "This gentleman had never picked up a paintbrush before moving to Maris Grove. Here, he had time to start a new hobby, and I am reminded of that each day in my office. What a gift for us both!"

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