A Fresh Focus on Well-Being at Maris Grove

Jill Dutton
February 7, 2024
Maris Grove Fitness

"Participating in the clubs and activities at Maris Grove has greatly contributed to my physical health and wellness," says Carolyn Uhlig, who moved to the Erickson Senior Living community in the Brandywine Valley of Pennsylvania 16 years ago. 

Three mornings each week, she meets with a group of neighbors--self-titled The Breakfast Club--for an exercise session.

"I look forward to it because it's a form of socialization and working out at the same time," says Carolyn. "It gets me in the habit of staying active and connected. Our group feels that both are key to longevity."

More than ever before, today's retirees are passionate about caring for their well-being. At Maris Grove, industry-leading amenities and activities are all thoughtfully designed to help residents like Carolyn continue to maximize their physical, mental, and spiritual health

Investing in well-being

"Our fitness center is always bustling with activity," says Missy Scheer, community resources manager at Maris Grove. "In addition to personal training sessions, residents can sign up for exercise classes--some of which are run by their neighbors." 

But you don't have to be a fitness aficionado to take advantage of the community's wellness offerings. 

"We have groups for just about every hobby and interest, from spiritual groups to language classes in Italian, Spanish, and German," adds Scheer. 

Twice a year, at spring and fall events, the Lifelong Learning Committee invites outside speakers to cover a range of topics. Past series have featured speakers like a member of the DuPont family, a chocolatier, and public officials.

Recently, thanks to a $500 million investment from Erickson Senior Living, Maris Grove has been able to increase support for the Lifelong Learning Series, the Classical Music Group, and the Inner Wisdom Group. In addition, the Warm Glass Class was able to move into a renovated space that better suits their needs. 

These enhancements are a testament to Erickson Senior Living's commitment to providing an environment where residents can effortlessly integrate well-being into their daily lives.

"Many of the amenities and activities that matter most to residents have been enhanced through Erickson Senior Living's investment, creating even more opportunities for residents to achieve optimal well-being," says Scheer. 

Support and care

Across the 87-acre campus, Maris Grove staff members are just as committed to helping residents live better lives. 

"Encouraging well-being is written right into our mission statement. Our team of health care providers, fitness trainers, and pastoral care professionals are always available for support," notes Scheer. "If a resident doesn't want to drive in the snow for an appointment, there's no need--there are doctors right here on campus."

The on-site medical center, staffed with full-time health care providers, makes it easier than ever before for residents to maintain and monitor their physical health. 

Carolyn experienced this convenient benefit firsthand after having neck surgery. "Having home support and rehabilitation at my fingertips was essential," she recalls. "All I needed to do was make a phone call, and everything was scheduled! No need to get in my car; everything is right here."

For Carolyn, the community's many opportunities for socialization have also made a significant impact on her well-being. 

"Socialization is very important as we age," she explains. "It helps our memory and it helps us to stay sharp. Having lunch or dinner plans to look forward to with a friend is great. 

She continues, "When you live in a house alone, you have to call people and schedule get-togethers. At Maris Grove, it happens automatically. We see each other in the hallway, in club meetings, or just walking outside!"

One of Carolyn's favorite activities is serving as a volunteer Connector, welcoming new residents to the community. 

"When someone new moves in, we Connectors greet them and see if they have any questions. We also take them to dinner and make sure they meet plenty of other neighbors," she explains. "I love meeting people, and I've been here long enough that I can answer just about any question someone might have!" 

With so many amenities, resources, and activities to choose from, Maris Grove residents like Carolyn have a world of wellness at their fingertips. "It's a tremendous feeling, to be here and to be so well taken care of," she says. "And all of that leads to longevity. What a phenomenal life."

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