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The Benefits of Being a Maris Grove Employee

Jill Dutton
January 29, 2024
Maris Grove employee

Christian Mitchell was looking for a transition from his job as a school bus driver when he attended a hiring event at Maris Grove, an Erickson Senior Living-managed community in Glen Mills, Pa. He was impressed with the campus -- and the job benefits -- and started in 2023 as a programming assistant. 

He says of his decision, "Programming assistants work closely with the residents to improve their day-to-day lives. We have fun, spend time with the residents, and get to participate in different activities. It's a fun job, for sure."

As the senior living industry continues to flourish, Erickson Senior Living recognizes the pivotal role that benefits play in fostering a vibrant and dedicated workforce.

A survey released by the Society for Human Resource Management noted that 60 percent of employees said that benefits were extremely or very important when considering staying with their current employer. 

Maris Grove's commitment to employee well-being goes beyond industry standards, offering a comprehensive range of benefits and rewards that prioritize work-life balance, financial stability, and health and well-being.

Career Growth Opportunities

Maris Grove fosters a culture of career growth from within, supporting team members with tuition assistance, training, and education opportunities.

Christian says of working at Maris Grove: "I love the company. I can say that this is the best company I've ever worked for. I think that they have our best interests at heart and they care about their employees. As far as the benefits, they're amazing, and I'm very thankful for this job."

Not only is the job fun, but Christian says working there "honestly saved my life." Thanks to the wellness checks, Christian says he was diagnosed with diabetes.

In addition to the wellness checks available, Christian says that the company's health advocate app is helpful as well, providing resources to keep his health journey on track.

Generous Employee Benefits and Rewards

Maris Grove's benefits package goes beyond the ordinary, offering a variety of health care plans, including medical, dental, and vision. Employees can build their careers with tuition reimbursement, enjoy a healthy work-life balance with generous paid time off, and plan for their financial security with a 401K that includes a company match. Other perks include online training classes, advancement opportunities, on-site employee health and well-being centers, discount programs, pet insurance, and more.

Director of Sales Ryan Doherty says of these benefits: "Erickson Senior Living offers an incredible benefits package with the ability to cater those benefits to any lifestyle. Erickson Senior Living's benefits can range from generous amounts of paid time off, extensive healthcare options with an onsite wellness center, discounts on everyday expenditures, to tuition reimbursement. All of this on top of a work environment with an incredible team-focused culture, and a leadership team that truly appreciates the efforts that are put forth to create a vibrant lifestyle and work environment for our residents and their team members."

Well-Being and Mental Health Initiatives

Erickson Senior Living offers unique perks such as Annual Well-Being Visits, on-site Employee Health and Wellness Centers, access to wellness workshops, fitness challenges, and health trackers via the Health Advocate app. The Wellness Fund provides reimbursement of up to $260 for personal wellness expenses for employees enrolled in an Erickson Senior Living medical plan.

Because of the wellness fund, Christian says he was pleased to purchase a pair of tennis shoes for work that were reimbursed.

He's looking forward to utilizing the tuition assistance at some point as he would like to eventually move into the healthcare field.

He's excited by the possibilities provided at Maris Grove and the chance to take classes that will further his career.

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