Learn More About Angelo Nardoni, Fox Run's New Associate Executive Director

By Michele Wojciechowski
February 15, 2024
Angelo Nardoni is the new associate executive director of Fox Run, the Erickson Senior Living community in Novi, Michigan.

"Working at Erickson Senior Living is a perfect fit for me," says Angelo Nardoni, the new associate executive director at Fox Run, an Erickson community in Novi, Mich. "Like everyone else here, I love forging meaningful relationships."

Since starting his new role, Nardoni has placed a high priority on embracing the company's mission of helping seniors live better lives, as he encourages residents to offer their ideas and input.  

Feedback is 'a gift'

"I try to make myself highly visible because getting feedback is a gift," he says. "I listen, I look, I address concerns, and then I follow up with residents. Because they know me, they feel comfortable talking with me."

Before his promotion, Nardoni served as Dining Services director for Fox Run--honing the hospitality and management skills that are already serving him well in his new position.

Climbing the ladder

Having grown up on the east side of Detroit, Mich., Nardoni attended Michigan State University's School of Hospitality Business. He knew he wanted to pursue a career in hotel and restaurant management.

"The fast action of restaurants drew me into managing them," he says.

After graduation, he spent about a decade working in local restaurants--first as the floor manager at the Appeteaser in Milford and then as the general manager of Bakers of Milford.

Next, Nardoni spent seven years working for Starbucks as store manager and trainer for the Michigan and Northern Ohio regions.

"I treated the company less as a retail establishment and more as a hospitality business," he notes. "I was responsible for training the managers, conducting the internal hires, and handling all the external hires for the area."

Before joining Erickson Senior Living, he worked at a regional restaurant chain called Aubree's Pizzeria and Grill for five years. In addition to serving on the corporate team, Nardoni was a district manager for a franchisee, operating two restaurants.

"I worked my way up throughout the years," he says. "When I was with Aubree's, I wasn't necessarily looking to go up to the next rung."

But fate intervened.

Values align

One day, he received a text from a former employee who was working at Fox Run.

"They said that the Dining Services director position was available at Fox Run," recalls Nardoni, who then researched Erickson Senior Living out of curiosity.

He continues, "I was blown away. During my research, I realized that Erickson Senior Living was the first organization to completely align with my values. They place such an emphasis on people, which is what I have tried to do throughout my entire career."

Nardoni had no doubts that Fox Run was the place for him, and he was right.

A people person

After two very successful years as the community's Dining Services director, Nardoni knew he was ready to take on more responsibility. He began to chart a path with Michael Wehrle, who was Fox Run's associate executive director at the time.

"I was planning on learning from him and absorbing as much as I could--until Michael received the great news that he was being promoted," he recalls.

After talking to Executive Director Ashley Bulat, Nardoni realized that he had the skills and experience to become the new associate executive director.

"I interviewed and got the job, and I'm so glad I did," says Nardoni. "This is the most rewarding work I've ever done in my life! Staff members don't just serve residents; they form relationships with them. I think that's why I was able to become the associate executive director on a relatively short timeline--I didn't have to try and fit in. I had the same goal."

'Do everything I can'

Now, as the proud associate executive director of Fox Run, Nardoni ensures that the community is operating as smoothly as possible.

"As the Dining Services director, I got to know so many residents," he says. "I'm happy that I still get to see and interact with them on a regular basis. I do whatever I can to support them."

Continuous improvement

Caring for the well-being of both current and future residents, Nardoni's focus is on continuous improvement across teams and departments.

"Resident feedback is a huge part of that," he explains. "Residents love that the staff's word is their bond. I'm sincere. When I say I will do something, I will either do it or tell you why I can't."

He adds, "I do everything I can to help our residents live better lives!"

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