A Culture of Excellence at Fox Run

Written by Sara Martin
May 6, 2021
A Culture of Excellence at Fox Run

Jon and Rosie Blum weren't considering a lifestyle change when they first learned of Fox Run, the Erickson Senior Living community in Novi, Mich. “Rosie had a friend who wanted to move to a senior community,” says Jon. “Her friend scheduled a visit to Fox Run, and Rosie went with her, knowing we wouldn't be the least bit interested. We hadn't heard of independent living before and didn't have any idea just how active a community like Fox Run could be.”

Rosie returned from the visit with a fresh perspective. “She came home from her little jaunt and said she discovered this wonderful place called Fox Run,” says Jon. “We went back the next day.”

Warm and welcoming

Set on 108 acres, Fox Run offers spacious, maintenance-free apartment homes, all with easy access to a host of amenities, activities, and services, including restaurants, swimming pool, fitness center, and a convenient on-site medical center.

“I realized that life at Fox Run would be just like living in our house, except we'd have all these amenities and services right outside our door,” says Jon. “I wouldn't have to worry about home maintenance and repairs, and we could walk to dinner every night.”

Jon says the factor that influenced him the most was the friendliness of the staff and residents he encountered.

“That's still what I like best about Fox Run,” he says. “Everyone is so friendly here. Every resident and staff person says hello when you see them.”

Convinced it was the right move, Jon and Rosie sold their house of 43 years in Farmington Hills and moved to a custom apartment home at Fox Run in 2019.

“When you enter a business, you don't know how friendly the people who work there are going to be,” says Jon, who now serves on the Resident Advisory Council at Fox Run. “You don't know if you'll be treated well. Here at Fox Run, the staff loves what they're doing. They're friendly and want to help every way they can.”

‘Details matter'

The above-and-beyond approach to customer service is a hallmark of Fox Run and the Erickson Senior Living enterprise.

“Our culture is the first thing people notice when they visit Fox Run,” says Executive Director Ashley Bulat. “Everyone says hello to one another, and people know each other by name. It's through that same culture that we teach our associates our expectations of customer service. We have a saying, ‘improving lives, one interaction at a time.' Through every touch point, we know that details matter. In our community, people do what they say they are going to do.”

Jon and Rosie experienced outstanding customer service soon after they moved to Fox Run. “The first time we used our dishwasher, on a Saturday evening, it had a leak,” says Jon. “In my house, I'd be lucky to get a repair person to come out the following Monday. The front desk told me they'd send someone that evening. We had a repair person in our apartment within an hour to fix the leak, and it didn't cost me anything.”

Jon says that same level of customer service extends to all departments on campus. “There are over 120 clubs at Fox Run, and most are resident-run,” he says. “When we moved in, I wanted to start an astronomy club, which is an interest of mine. The resident life team gives residents all the support they need to create these opportunities. No one says, ‘It's not my job.' I can ask any staff member and they'll point me in the right direction.”

Strength and stability

Fox Run has the support, resources, and financial strength to bring the best services to residents for the greatest value. Erickson Senior Living's network of partners, experts, and suppliers supports residents' needs, from the day-to-day to those special circumstances.

“Once a prospective community member wanted to know if we could accommodate their diet,” says Bulat. “Our culinary team prepared every vegetarian dish on our menu, which created a feast of food, and we invited the guest for a tasting. This person ended up moving in and referring several friends to Fox Run.”

Early vaccine access

When COVID-19 vaccines became available for those living and working at Fox Run, the community, in partnership with CVS/Omnicare, offered several vaccination clinics on campus for residents and staff, with over 94% of residents becoming fully vaccinated by early March.

“We didn't have to search for available vaccination sites,” says Jon. “We didn't have to struggle to get an appointment. We didn't even have to leave Fox Run. With no effort on our part whatsoever, we got exactly what we needed and more.”

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