Worry-free Living Attracts Next Generation at Eagle’s Trace

By Sara Martin
June 9, 2021

Over the past decade, Susan Hertz has watched her mother thrive at Eagle's Trace, the community developed and managed by Erickson Senior Living community in West Houston. 

"My mom, Annette Schwartz, moved to Eagle's Trace in 2010, and I didn’t know much about the community at that time," says Susan, a retired teacher who currently lives in a single-family house near Westheimer and Dairy Ashford. "Now that I’ve had an inside perspective of Eagle's Trace, I’m so impressed with everything I’ve seen." 

Looking ahead, Susan can picture her own future at Eagle’s Trace and recently joined the priority list to ensure her place in line for the apartment home of her choice. 

“I’d like to move within the next two or three years,” says Susan. “I’ve heard from several people that if you think you’ll want to move at some point, it’s best to get on the list now.” 

“Priority list membership is the first step in planning for your future,” says Sales Director Pam Burgeson. “For a $1,000 fully refundable deposit, you can have access to this campus and enjoy many of the amenities our residents experience every single day.” 

Perks of the priority list include first right of refusal on your preferred floor plan; advanced notice of new construction and special incentives; invitations to exclusive events, seminars, and parties; and realty and moving assistance from Haven Benoit, personal moving consultant at Eagle’s Trace.

“Joining the priority list allows you to position yourself for the future you want and the future you deserve,” says Burgeson. 

Change your life for the better 

For Susan, the reasons to choose Eagle’s Trace keep mounting. “I’ve lived in my current house for eight years, but I’ve lived in this neighborhood for a long time,” says Susan, who was widowed five years ago. “Taking care of the house is getting harder. When things go wrong, I’m the one who handles it. I’m ready to let go of that responsibility.” 

Susan also says changing family dynamics give her a glimpse into the future. “Up until a few years ago, my house was still the family house,” she says. “It’s where we got together for Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving. Now my younger son is married and has made me a grandmother. We get together at his house for all the special occasions. I don’t need a big house anymore.” 

On-site amenities at Eagle’s Trace are another draw, including the restaurants, fitness center, swimming pool, medical center, neighborhood store, CVS pharmacy, and bank. 

“I don’t like cooking for one person, so the availability of meals at Eagle’s Trace is appealing,” says Susan. “I’ve had the opportunity to eat with my mother in the restaurants at Eagle’s Trace several times over the years, and the food is outstanding. I ordered the fillet this past New Year’s Eve and it was incredible.”

Other amenities, clubs, and activities lend themselves to the lifestyle Susan is seeking. “I like the built-in social opportunities,” she says. “You can play Mahjongg with friends or go to the theater on the Eagle’s Trace bus without having to worry about driving downtown and finding a place to park.” 

Susan currently works out in a water aerobics class at Memorial Athletic Club and says several friends from water aerobics have moved to Eagle’s Trace. “I know it’s better to move when you’re still active and can enjoy the lifestyle,” says Susan. “My oldest son lives in New York, so I love the idea of locking my door and being able to go visit him without worrying about the house or who’s going to pick up my mail.” 

Peace of mind 

As a keen observer, Susan says she has confidence in the ability of Eagle’s Trace management to handle all types of situations and act in the best interests of community members. 

“Since my mom has lived at Eagle’s Trace, I’ve had the opportunity to see how it’s run,” says Susan. “I watch the weekly Town Hall updates, and I stay informed through the Erickson app on my phone. I’ve been so impressed with the way the executive team has handled challenging situations like Hurricane Harvey. They’ve kept the community safe and running efficiently. It’s impressive.” 

As a priority list member, Susan is in good company with hundreds of other priority list members who picture their future at Eagle’s Trace. “The amenities, beautiful apartment homes, on-site continuing care options, and maintenance-free lifestyle make Eagle’s Trace a place I want to live,” says Susan. “It’s the whole package.” 

If you’d like to learn more about Eagle’s Trace, click to request a brochure or schedule a tour today.