Worry-Free Lifestyle Is the Key to a Fulfilling Retirement at Eagle's Trace

By Jill Dutton
June 21, 2022

When Barbara Sheffield decided to move to a retirement community, she knew she wanted to find somewhere that would offer lots of socialization and no worries. Barbara found just what she was looking for at Eagle's Trace, the Erickson Senior Living community in Houston, Tex.

The stylish, maintenance-free apartment homes at Eagle's Trace grant residents the freedom to pursue the retirement lifestyle they've always wanted. Being part of an engaging, amenity-rich community provides residents the opportunity to foster meaningful connections and support their overall well-being.

Now, Barbara laughs as she says, "I have hundreds of friends!" Some days, Barbara wonders if she can keep up with the busy pace of her new lifestyle - and she loves it.

Endless opportunities

After Barbara's husband Bob passed away, she felt overwhelmed by the maintenance of a house that no longer met her needs.

"We had this beautiful, large house, but the only thing I knew how to control was the air conditioner," explains Barbara. "We had a swimming pool, sprinkler system, and lighting system too. I just knew that I couldn't manage it all. But even more than that was the fact that I was there by myself. I wanted to go somewhere where I would have the opportunity to meet people and socialize - during the day and in the evening."

Eagle's Trace checked all of those boxes.

"It was absolutely perfect! I used to drive past Eagle's Trace to get to work when it was under construction. I drove by the campus from the day they struck ground to the time that it was completed, so I felt like I knew Eagle's Trace even before I ever stepped onto the campus," she recalls.

Welcoming atmosphere

Being part of a supportive community, residents say, is what provides the opportunity to live retirement to the fullest. With top-notch amenities, clubs for every interest, enriching volunteer endeavors, and plenty of fitness classes to choose from - all contained within a 72-acre campus - there's no limit to what Barbara and her friends can do.

"There are so many opportunities for social connection, whether it's dining with a neighbor or participating in different types of clubs and activities," says Sales Director Pamela Burgeson.

For Barbara, making those important connections was as easy as taking a short stroll.

"If you want to be with people, there's always something to do. Even in the evening, you can just walk down to this one area where people congregate by a fireplace, and there's always somebody to talk to. That's one of the things I particularly like."

The Welcoming Committee - one of the many clubs managed by residents - is also especially important for helping residents get acclimated when they arrive, adds Burgeson.

"The Welcoming Committee is super active. Within days of someone moving in, a current resident is there to help them not only learn how to navigate the community, but also to introduce them to their neighbors and to fellow residents with similar interests," she says.

A busy social calendar

After her move, Barbara didn't waste any time joining as many clubs as possible. And in recognition of her dedication to community involvement, she was elected chair of the Resident Advisory Council (RAC) - a liaison between residents and management - a couple of months ago.

Barbara spends a good part of each day listening to people, she says, but also works to create programs, such as the Abilities Awareness Fair. The event, which featured special speakers, staff members from the fitness center hosting workshops, and vendors with products for seniors, attracted hundreds of people. "The day was a huge success! We put on events like that all the time," she says.

Barbara participates in the wine club (one of three on campus) and the book club, as well as teaching others how to play mah-jongg. She's also discovered activities she had never heard of before, such as tai chi, which she now loves.

She is also particularly fond of the Juliet's Club. "The men had a Romeo's club, so the ladies started a Juliet's club. It's just for ladies who don't have partners anymore. We have dinner together once a month, and it's very nice."

Staying busy - or not

Learning to balance being social, staying physically active, and having time alone has enhanced her quality of life at Eagle's Trace, Barbara says.

"We've got all kinds of indoor facilities, so I try and walk around the lake if the weather is nice," says Barbara. "One of the things that I like is, if you want to be by yourself, you have the freedom to stay in your apartment, read or watch TV, and just enjoy some 'me' time."

Invest in your future self at Eagle's Trace. From top-notch amenities to affordable, maintenance-free apartment homes, you are sure to live your retirement to the fullest. Request more information today!