A Senior Living Experience Unlike Any Other at Eagle’s Trace

by Sara Martin
May 7, 2021

When Edie Hedman considers the reasons she moved to Eagle's Trace, safety, camaraderie, and convenience top the list. "With everything that's happened, I picture what it would be like if I still lived alone in my house," says Edie, a registered nurse who moved to the Erickson Senior Living community in West Houston in 2019. "I'm so glad I moved to Eagle's Trace. I feel very well cared for here."

Being adaptable 

For Edie, it's the flexibility and adaptability of the staff that stand out, particularly in light of the past year's events.

“We always knew what to expect,” says Edie. “Steve [Aigner, executive director] gave a weekly Town Hall update on our Eagle's Trace television channel and explained everything thoroughly. The staff did jobs outside of what they normally do, delivering meals and making sure we had everything we need.” 

Making a positive impact

Eagle's Trace offers a senior living experience like no other. Every interaction between staff and residents, no matter how small, is an opportunity to make a positive impact. Personalized attention and support, along with proactive and innovative approaches to customer service, create memorable experiences for residents every day. 

“We want to stand out for all that is positive about living at Eagle's Trace,” says Aigner. “We know a community comes together in good times and challenging times. We've done that before and we continue to come together. If the challenges in recent years have taught us anything, it's the importance of living in a caring, attentive community. We hope our residents have felt protected and well cared for during these times and that our secure environment has given them and their families extra peace of mind.” 

Strength and stability 

As a part of the Erickson Senior Living enterprise, Eagle's Trace has the support, resources, and financial strength to weather even the toughest challenge. The enterprise's network of partners, experts, and suppliers continue to support residents' needs. 

Early vaccine access

In partnership with CVS/ Omnicare, Eagle's Trace was able to offer COVID-19 vaccine clinics on campus for residents, staff, reservists, and contractors. By the end of February, 92% of residents had been vaccinated

“We're stronger when we're working together,” says Aigner. “We recognize that creating value for residents comes first, by understanding their needs and expectations, and then doing everything possible to exceed service opportunities.”

Enjoying high quality 

Michael Greenspan and his wife Joanne moved to Eagle's Trace in 2016 after looking at nearly a dozen other retirement communities in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and even Alabama. 

“Eagle's Trace was our top choice, and we haven't regretted it,” says Michael, saying that he appreciates the level of attention. “The staff's responsiveness here is very good. They anticipate things that may happen and do a great job of letting residents know what to expect and how they plan to respond.”

Dining reminder

At one point during the pandemic, Michael and Joanne were contacted by the dining room manager who noticed the couple had not yet placed their meal orders for the week. “He proactively called us,” says Michael. “It's a good feeling knowing we're cared for. The staff anticipates and responds so well. They do a wonderful job.” 

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