Making the Most of Every Day at Eagle’s Trace

By Sara Martin
June 21, 2021

Flexibility, activities, and social opportunities were the top three reasons Pamela Grant and her husband Dick chose to sell their home in Livingston, Tex., in August 2019 and move to Eagle's Trace, the community managed by Erickson Senior Living in West Houston. 

Ever since Dick and Pamela traded their single-family home in Livingston for a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment home at Eagle’s Trace, they say the peace of mind and sense of freedom they’ve felt have exceeded their expectations. “This is an amazing place to live,” says Pamela.

Freedom from worry 

When it comes to the benefits that come from living in a vibrant, active community like Eagle’s Trace, Dick and Pamela say the biggest freedom they enjoy is the freedom from worry. 

“When the winter freeze was coming on [in February], we looked at each other and said, ‘Thank goodness we’re here,’” says Pamela. “We didn’t know what would happen, but we knew we’d be taken care of. The staff here is friendly, helpful, and competent.”

Resting with the assurance that the entire Eagle’s Trace team was acting in their best interests gave Dick and Pamela peace of mind. 

“In management terms, I’d call it customer service,” says Pamela, who continues to work full-time as a business and life coach and management consultant. “We have 100% confidence in the Eagle’s Trace leadership team. Time after time they’ve been ahead of the game, and we haven’t had the worries we would have if we were facing these situations on our own.” 

Freedom from isolation 

With more than 100 resident-run clubs and activities at Eagle’s Trace, there’s something for everyone. 

“It’s so important to be connected as we age,” says Director of Resident Life Kristin Malejan. “Eagle’s Trace is a great place for that. You have a built-in network of friends and activities to enjoy. Those things stimulate happiness and positivity in a time when it can be really easy to feel isolated and lonely.” 

When they lived in Livingston, they say, isolation was beginning to creep into their daily life. “We were starting to feel it,” says Pamela. “We didn’t see as many people as we used to. Now, at Eagle’s Trace, we have dinner with friends most nights of the week.” 

They’ve also joined clubs and groups of interest to them. Dick is on the landscape and General Services committees at Eagle’s Trace. Pamela is a member of the Resident Life committee. They also enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren, who live in Houston. 

“You can be as busy as you want to be and choose what you want to do,” says Malejan. "We have so many activities, and you can plan your schedule according to what appeals to you. There’s also the freedom to enjoy activities, both on and off-campus. You can still maintain your volunteer work outside of Eagle’s Trace or play tennis or whatever your outside interests may be.” 

Freedom from home maintenance 

Once Dick and Pamela chose their apartment at Eagle’s Trace, the move happened more quickly than they anticipated. 

“It was 60 days from the time we signed the paperwork to the time we moved in,” says Pamela. “It was a whirlwind of downsizing and selling the house.” 

Now, with the benefit of perspective, the couple says there’s freedom in letting go of excess belongings. 

“We have everything we need and none of the maintenance of keeping track of it all,” says Pamela. At Eagle’s Trace, home maintenance and repairs are included in the monthly service package, so you’ll never have to worry about changing a light bulb or fixing a running toilet. 

“We don’t have a garage or attic full of stuff anymore,” says Pamela. “We got rid of so much, and we’ve found we didn’t need any of it.”

All apartments at the West Houston community are single-story, eliminating the need for stairs and facilitating independence. Dick and Pamela say that after nearly two years, the only question they’ve run across is, “Did we bring the pizza maker?” 

“I was reaching up to give Dick a hug one day when I saw the pizza maker above the refrigerator,” says Pamela with a laugh. “We really do have everything we need here, without any of the upkeep.” 

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