Responding with care; A one-on-one with Devonshire Director of Sales Kathy McCrossin

November 2, 2020

Worldwide, the arrival of COVID-19 ushered in the advent of a new "normal," complete with carefully thought-out safety precautions and protocols. For the sales team at Devonshire, an Erickson Living owned, operated, and managed senior living community at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, keeping residents safe and happy meant readjusting traditional work responsibilities to best serve the community.

In the months since the phased reopening of the community, the sales team is, once again, returning to their original roles while continuing to serve both community members and future residents.

"Everyone has had to adapt in one way or another; what has been nice to see is that life hasn't stopped here at our community," says Director of Sales Kathy McCrossin. "Residents have peace of mind knowing that their needs are being met in a secure and safe environment."

McCrossin shares the most common questions her sales team is receiving now that Devonshire is, once again, welcoming prospective residents on campus.

Q: How did Devonshire respond to people planning to, or interested in, moving to the community during the coronavirus pandemic?

A: With the utmost care, of course. With numerous safety protocols in place, our sales team was able to safely move new community members into their homes during the shelter-in-place directive. And while the majority of our team filled untraditional roles during this time, including working for our concierge delivery, contact tracing, or meal delivery, the team was always available to accommodate folks interested in moving to our community. Our team facilitated virtual tours of apartment homes and on-campus amenities. Many times, this meant using Zoom or FaceTime as our team members walked through the campus, with the prospective resident watching and asking questions on the other end. Since June, we have been able to open once again to on-site visits as the result of our secure screening program. We are also conducting home visits again, depending on the comfort level of each individual. For those who prefer, we use Zoom to "tour" a prospective resident's cur-rent house to make suggestions and help them prepare to sell.

Q: What changes did you see in the demand for the Devonshire lifestyle during this time?

A: We definitely saw an increase in the number of people wanting to move to Devonshire to either be close to family, or simply have more support. A lot of folks moving in just didn't feel the support during the height of the pandemic, and wanted to know that help was close by if needed. For some who lived in country club communities, their clubs had closed during the pandemic. Where they once used the clubhouse for dining, that was no longer an option.

Q: What is your advice to some-one who is interested in learning more about a future move to Devonshire?

A: Please, just give us a call. We understand that circumstances are changing every day, and our number one goal is to work with each individual in a way that is both comfortable for them while ensuring both their safety and the safety of our community members. This includes scheduling visits by appointment only or meeting via telephone or video.

Don't wait to learn more about the healthy and engaged lifestyle at Devonshire. Connect with us today.