Remembering Devonshire’s Top Moments of 2021

December 6, 2021

Country singer Brad Paisley once said, "Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one." For community members at Devonshire, an Erickson Senior Living community at PGA National, residents and staff did just that - utilize every day to create indelible moments and lasting memories. Here are the community’s top 10 events of 2021:

1. Successful COVID-19 vaccinations.

Thanks to Devonshire’s commitment to sustaining the health of community and staff members, beginning in January, several well-orchestrated COVID-19 vaccine clinics were held. More than 90% of the community received both doses.

“Since the onset of the pandemic, our team has worked diligently with community members, their families, and local health officials to help safeguard the well-being of everyone here,” says Executive Director Brad Andrus. “I’m proud of the exceptional results we have achieved by working together. We could not have reached this achievement without the professionalism of our partners at CVS, the unwavering commitment of our staff, and the resilience of our community members.”

2. Return to activities.

As vaccination numbers rose, on-campus activities at Devonshire and those at the world-renowned PGA National resumed. Once again, community members were able to enjoy each other’s company, whether playing golf or croquet, dining in one of Devonshire’s restaurants, swimming in the recently updated pool, or attending community-wide entertainment such as poolside concerts.

3. Keeping sharp.

Devonshire community members appreciated the opportunity to participate in a variety of classes, offered in partnership with Florida Atlantic University—in the comfort of the on-site Stratford Performing Arts Theater. Devonshire is the first community in the area to offer this outstanding continuing education program, which covers topics including politics, world affairs, art, music, and literature.

4. Record number of new residents and priority list members.

One of the many unexpected results of 2020 was the desire to rearrange priorities and make plans for the future. In 2021, people began to recognize the value of the vast safety net available to community members who chose the Devonshire lifestyle, and as a result, sales witnessed a record number of people moving in. There was also an increased number of people signing up for the priority list, which formalizes intentions of moving to Devonshire at a future date.

5. Generosity surges.

In 2021, Devonshire community members demonstrated their gratitude toward employees by offering generous donations to the Employee Appreciation Fund. Designed to recognize the service of hourly employees, monetary awards from the fund, dispersed twice a year, greatly benefit the lives of staff members. “The generosity of my neighbors toward our employees is unbelievable,” says community member Bob Frasier, president of the resident council. “It shows just how much we value their commitment and service.”

6. Hot real estate market.

Throughout the year, the Palm Beach Garden/South Florida real estate market remained red-hot. With the help of Erickson Realty and Moving Services partners, Devonshire helped numerous people move, often using a combination of in-person and online technology to help clients stage their home for sale, downsize, and create a packing/moving plan.

7. Fresh air opportunities.

Because of Devonshire’s enviable Florida climate, community members attended year-round poolside entertainment, including recent performances by favorite local performers such as Lori & Phil Adams, John Roberts the Piano Man, and Keny B. “These outdoor performances are one of the many benefits of living in Florida,” says Community Resources Manager Marty Bores.

“Residents can have a wonderful meal at the outside dining area while listening to the performers. Even if you are not dining, residents are invited to visit the pool area and grab a seat.”

8. Personalizing homes.

Devonshire restyled the popular Custom Interiors department, offering modernized upgrades for both current and future residents. Even among the industry-leading design features available—including various high-quality finishes—residents may want to customize their new home to meet their own unique tastes and style.

9. Hurricane preparedness.

As Hurricane Elsa threatened the East Coast this summer, Devonshire community members were grateful for the peace of mind that comes along with living at a community where carefully crafted plans are already in place.

Located in a non-evacuation zone, Devonshire boasts top-grade, steel beam construction, hurricane-rated windows, and a dedicated staff and leadership team, which allows community members to stay at home, no matter what the weather may bring.

10. Staying healthy and fit.

Consider being part of a connected and engaged senior living community like Devonshire. Beautiful walking paths, gardens, resort-style amenities and new friends await. Request a brochure or a visit now!