One year into the pandemic, Devonshire emerges as an senior living industry leader

March 16, 2021

While many older Americans faced uncertainty and isolation as a result of COVID-19 physical distancing safety measures, community members at Devonshire at PGA National, a senior living community managed by Erickson Senior Living in Palm Beach Gardens, FL continued to enjoy a distinct and vibrant lifestyle thanks to the creativity and dedication of management and staff.

“We never contemplated the pandemic but it is impossible to explain how wonderful the entire staff at Devonshire has been during this time,” says community member John Hannon. “There is no question this is the best place for my wife Jackie and I to be right now.”

Over the last year, Devonshire staff developed new ways to keep community members safe, healthy, and socially connected.

“By following the CDC guidelines, which started in early March, we have worked hard to keep our community members safe,” says executive director Jim Wingardner. “Now, we are done with our vaccine clinics so all of our community members who wished to receive the vaccine have received both doses. In addition, we've administered vaccines to priority list members. Thanks to the Erickson Senior Living network, we've had no shortage of supplies, including PPE equipment. Our community members are very appreciative of our continued communication and commitment to keeping them safe.”

Independent living community members enjoy a strong support network

Benefiting from Erickson Senior Living's nationwide network of CCRCs, and more than 38 years of experience in senior living, Devonshire community members enjoy an elevated standard of service despite the pandemic. Last spring, management launched a concierge program to facilitate the doorstep delivery of newspapers, packages, and other important items by staff members. This program helped minimize outside visitors, further keeping community members safe and healthy.

In addition, Devonshire's culinary professionals implemented a high quality, in-home dining program. Rather than enjoying meals in one of the five campus restaurants, staff members personally delivered all meals to residents in their homes.

“Our culinary department didn't miss a beat,” says community member Nancy DeSantis. “We received a daily meal delivery that, in addition to dinner, included some breakfast items and a menu for the next day. We also received some entertainment items to keep us busy at home.”

With health, wellness, dining, and the distribution of necessities under control, Devonshire staff creatively devised creative ways for community members to entertain themselves from the comfort of their homes.

“Our goal was to keep people engaged in the same healthy lifestyle they enjoyed prior to COVID-19,” says Devonshire's manager of resident services, Marty Bores. “We helped community members maintain their existing routine by broadcasting exercise classes, yoga, a variety of entertainment options, and even the monthly resident council meetings.”

Devonshire strategically reopens with resident health and safety top of mind

When the majority of Devonshire's popular amenities reopened last summer, common-sense guidelines were established to ensure residents could safely use the fitness center, pool, theater, and card rooms.

Community members, energized by the support received over the last year, and the promise of community-wide vaccinations, proudly share their experience with friends and neighbors. As a result, the last year witnessed an unprecedented increase in demand for the Devonshire lifestyle.

“We are continually told that, while quarantining alone in their homes, many people began to re-evaluate their retirement needs,” says director of sales Kathy McCrossin. “Without a doubt, the experiences of our community members over the last year serve as the biggest and best testament to the many, many benefits of the Devonshire lifestyle.”

Whether you're ready now or in the future, request your free brochure to continue exploring all the benefits that Devonshire has to offer.