Devonshire at PGA National Offers Great Dining Services Careers

November 17, 2022

The U.S. food service industry, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is witnessing exponential growth, exceeding pre-pandemic levels of demand. Accompanying this growth is the meteoric rise of dining service employment opportunities.

At Devonshire, the Erickson Senior Living community at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla, dining service employees enjoy unique, competitive benefits; opportunities for advancement; and specialty training. In addition, these employees gain unparalleled access to an array of rich experiences and knowledge, invaluable to personal and professional growth.

Witnessing these opportunities first-hand, Brooklyn Duval began working at Devonshire in 2016 when she joined the dining services team.

“When I started at Devonshire I had recently graduated from high school,” she says. “I began bussing tables and was promoted to server and then hostess. I had never had a job with as much support and opportunity as I do working at Devonshire. I really enjoy working with a fun and supportive team.”

Supporting the ongoing education and career development of team members is one of the hallmarks of an Erickson Senior Living career.

Brooklyn witnessed this firsthand, especially as she juggled college studies with her responsibilities at Devonshire.

“Management through that time was really helpful in helping adjust to each role along with many other employees who were there before me,” she says.

In addition to offering flexible work hours to help employees manage their careers and continuing education, Devonshire’s dining services employees enjoy unique opportunities to gain valuable life skills and career experiences. For culinary professionals looking to grow their careers and stand out as a leader, Erickson Senior Living offers comprehensive online training through the Rouxbe Online Culinary School. In addition, dining services team members can earn the skills and industry certifications to build a lifelong dining services career is by continuing their education with Erickson University’s School of Culinary Arts.

“Witnessing the career success achieved by dining service team members is special and a direct reflection of the limitless growth and advancement opportunities at Devonshire,” says  director of human resources Julie Perry. “With career tracks for college and non-college educated employees, including in dining services, Devonshire offers more than just a job. We offer a meaningful career and professional growth opportunity.”

For Brooklyn, who studied human services at Palm Beach State College, her personal professional career track meant moving out of dining services to another position at the community.

“When I learned about an opening at as communications specialist, I was interested in exploring this next step,” she says. “The best part was that once I expressed this interest, my dining services managers were super supportive. They all shared their experiences and why working for Erickson Senior Living is great place to work if you are looking to grow in your career. Now, in my new position, I’ve taken on more responsibility and seen this reality for myself.”

Interested in checking out exciting opportunities in Dining Services at Devonshire?? Please visit the careers website.