Devonshire Community Members Look Forward to A New Year of Worry-Free Living

December 27, 2023

Harvey and Linda Caplan are entering the New Year filled with cheer and contentment as they embark on their third year of maintenance-free living at Devonshire, the Erickson Senior Living community at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

"Devonshire has far surpassed our expectations," says Harvey. "We love that we are no longer responsible for taking care of all the maintenance. Instead, we enjoy lots of activities. And the biggest benefit of living at Devonshire is forming friendships with our neighbors!"

Like Harvey and Linda, Devonshire community members find that their satisfaction stems from the community's vibrant, worry-free lifestyle. With more time to explore interests and hobbies and an environment that supports meaningful social connections, it's no wonder why these retirees are ready to make the most of 2024! 

Making new friends

Drawn to Devonshire's range of state-of-the-art amenities, the Caplans were eager to take advantage of everything the community has to offer. 

"We decided to make the move sooner than later because we wanted to come while we were healthy and able to enjoy everything, including a membership at PGA National," says Harvey.

"We play a variety of card games and participate in many educational opportunities, too," says Linda. "We also appreciate the scheduled trips--with transportation provided--to places of interest nearby. Devonshire's location is perfect! We are in the heart of downtown Palm Beach Gardens with a plethora of dining and shopping spots."

And dining on campus--with five unique, top-notch restaurants to choose from--is also a real treat. 

"Each restaurant has a different menu and atmosphere. These dining experiences set us apart from other retirement communities," says Harvey. 

"We have made a great deal of new friends here, which means we are never at a loss for dinner or social plans," adds Linda, with a laugh. 

A seasoned pro

While the Caplans look forward to their third year at Devonshire, neighbor Shirley Diuro will be celebrating her 15th anniversary at the beloved community.

"I've loved every minute since moving to Devonshire," she says. "It's so wonderful to do the things I enjoy while meeting the most friendly, interesting people."

Prior to moving to Devonshire, Shirley lived in New York, visiting her daughter in Palm Beach Gardens each winter. 

"I was tired of packing and unpacking," she quips. "My daughter suggested I visit Devonshire. I took her advice and quickly fell in love with the community."

After settling into her apartment home, Shirley wasted no time getting involved in a number of clubs and activities. 

"I served on the Resident Advisory Council as chairperson of activities for three years--before being reelected for three more!" she recalls. "Now, I also enjoy attending lectures, playing cards with friends, and singing with the choral group."

Like Harvey and Linda, Shirley has developed deep, meaningful friendships with many of her neighbors through these activities--and through the community's restaurants. 

"There are eight of us who call ourselves the 'Ladies of the Lounge,'" says Shirley, with a laugh. "We gather each night around a table for happy hour before going to dinner."

Renovations underway

In addition to the community's engaging, maintenance-free lifestyle, there's one reason why optimism for 2024 is shining extra bright: clubhouse renovations.

Highly anticipated updates--some already underway--are coming to the first and second floors of Devonshire's 65,000-square-foot clubhouse. All of the renovations were designed by the award-winning, internationally recognized interior design firm Thoma-Holec Design. 

"It's nice, knowing that our management is looking out for us, keeping everything updated and beautiful," says Shirley. "The new design will be subtle--soft yet pretty."

The Caplans agree. "We will be able to see the development of the changes and improvements," says Harvey. "We were already proud of our community, but this will make it even better."

"2024 is an exciting year at Devonshire," says Executive Director Brad Andrus. "We will also be welcoming new health and fitness options, including a golf simulator, indoor pickleball, a croquet and putting green, and exercise classes."

'A joyful place'

With so much on the horizon, new and seasoned community members are finding that there's never been a better time to call Devonshire home. 

"I look forward to taking part in everything that comes our way--new amenities, special trips, campus entertainment, and meals with friends," says Shirley. "This is truly a joyful place to live."

Invest in your future self at Devonshire. From top-notch amenities to affordable, maintenance-free apartment homes, you are sure to live your retirement to the fullest. Request more information today!