Lifestyle at Brooksby Village frees Winchester Couple to Embrace New Chapter

July 22, 2020

Better at Brooksby Village

Peabody, MA -- As Dr. Robert Wilson and his wife Kathy considered a potential move to Brooksby Village, the Erickson Living-managed community in Peabody, Mass., they began to think about the benefits of moving sooner rather than later.

Robert, an orthodontist who works at a family owned practice with his son in Winchester, Mass., puts in long hours when he's at the office every Monday and Tuesday. On Fridays, Robert lectures and leads clinicals at the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston.

"The flexibility of the Brooksby Village lifestyle appealed to us," says Kathy. "We typically have a late dinner on the days Robert works, and I used to be in the kitchen cleaning up until ten at night. With the flexible dining options on campus, I can pick up our meals and have them ready when he gets home. That's a big plus for me."

The couple was also ready to shed the chores associated with keeping up the family home. "All three of our children are married with families of their own," says Robert. "There was no need for us to keep a big house and all the work that goes with maintaining it. At Brooksby Village, I enjoy a good work-life balance. I don't have to worry about the lawn or cleaning gutters or shoveling snow in the winter."

Robert and Kathy listed their Winchester house of 43 years in May 2019 and moved to Brooksby in September. The couple chose a two-bedroom, one-and-a half bath Hastings-style floor plan with a floor-to-ceiling bay window in the living room.

"We love the spacious feel of this apartment," says Kathy. "The bay window echoes a space we had in our house where we had two chairs and a little table. We put the same furniture in the bay window, and it's a wonderful place to sit and watch what's going on outside."

Unexpected benefits

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic brought about stay-at-home orders, Robert and Kathy recognized the value of living at Brooksby Village. To keep community members safe and healthy, staff pivoted to new roles, delivering meals, mail, and packages directly to resident apartments.

"We're very glad to be here," says Robert, who discovered a silver lining to the unexpected time at home. "I haven't played my violin in many years, so I've been thankful for the chance to get my instrument out and start playing again."

Robert joined the community's "Alone Together" initiative by recording a Memorial Day violin concert which aired on the community's in-house television station.

"It's wonderful to be part of a community with so many opportunities right on campus," says Robert. "This is like a second life for us."

Photo: Dr. Robert and Kathy Wilson enjoy maintenance-free lifestyle at Brooksby Village, where they've lived since September 2019.

Written by Sara Martin