Brooksby Village Residents Spread Generosity Throughout the Local Community

December 20, 2021

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." This inspiring quote by American cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead is illustrated daily by the extraordinary acts of kindness of community members at Brooksby Village, an Erickson Senior Living community in Peabody, MA.

"The spirit of giving at Brooksby Village is inspirational," says pastoral ministries manager Rev. Chad Kidd. "Our community members give freely of their time, throughout the year, to help those in need. During the holidays, their generosity expands to include mission projects that support needs in our local neighborhoods, illustrating the strong bonds of community alive on our campus."

This month, Brooksby Village community members are spreading good will with donations to both the Citizens Inn and Jewish Family and Children’s Services.

Community member Allison Dolan, a member of Brooksby’s Protestant Missions Ministry, recently led a hat, glove, and mitten drive for Citizen’s Inn, a Peabody-based organization housing 35 North Shore families with children experiencing homelessness. Citizens Inn also operates the Haven from Hungry food pantry serving nearly 6,000 individuals from Peabody, Salem, and Lynnfield each year.

“We’ve donated items to the Citizens Inn/Haven from Hunger for several years,” says Allison. “This holiday they asked for hats, gloves, and mittens. Thanks to the generosity of our residents and staff we received more than 70 hats and over 60 pairs of gloves and mittens for people of all ages. We also collected four boxes worth of toiletries and cash donations, all of which were delivered to Citizens Inn.”

Allison’s neighbor Harriet Feinstein, a member of Brooksby Village’s Jewish Council, also leads a holiday giving effort known as the Mitzvah project. Donations of diapers, pacifiers, onesies, bibs, safety bundles (cabinet locks, and outlet covers), baby shampoo, baby wash, baby lotion, books, toys, and clothing for babies and toddlers, were recently collected for donation to the Jewish Family and Children’s Services’ visiting mom program.

“We’ve been collecting donations for the last five years,” says Harriet. “Several years ago we reached out to Shaws and they are very generous in donating reusable bags to pack the donations.”

This year the effort resulted in filling 40 large bags as well as many boxes of diapers.

“This is truly a community-wide effort,” says Harriet. “The project creates a spirit of camaraderie, togetherness, and generosity that is so amazing, especially during the holidays, when the need is even greater.”

The spirit of generosity at Brooksby Village comes as no surprise to Harriet and Allison.

“Before moving to Brooksby many community members had a tradition of supporting their local church or community drives,” says Allison. Now, Brooksby Village is their 'home town', and, together, we look for ways to continue that tradition of giving and support for those who need it most.”

About Brooksby Village: Brooksby Village is one of 20 continuing care retirement communities managed by Erickson Senior Living® and is situated on a scenic 90-acre campus in Peabody, Massachusetts. The not-for-profit community, located in Essex County, is home to 1,700 residents and is governed by its own board of directors, affiliated with National Senior Campuses, Inc., who provide independent financial and operational oversight of the community.

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